Trading and Traveling

Trading & Travelling

Having the opportunity to work anywhere in the world is pretty amazing, doesn’t mean that you have to be on the road tho, but one of my dreams was to explore as much as possible so once I realized I (potentially) could make money while on the road I took the step and jumped into it with my two feet,

The short story:

It’s amazing, I have had the opportunity to go to 12 different countries within the last seven months. Discovering new countries really opened my world horizons and really enabled me to grow into who I am today. Being so far outside of your comfort zone will transform you – probably why I already have wrinkles.

But it’s hard, you will never have the same friends around you which makes having deep conversations and friends that know you well a rare thing.

You will need to find a place to get work done, when all you want is to go out explore and party, which most people won’t understand. There will be a lot of times where you’ll have to turn down an offer to go surfing because you do have something to do.

After spending more than a year on the road here’s what I think – trading and travelling is something that will really open your eyes to the world, so I would recommend it. BUT it is way better to stay in a fixed location for a longer duration – the less you travel the more productive you’ll become, and that’s important.

The longer version:

Everything I just wrote above is true, but there are a few additional things I would add

If you are planning on trading & travel, remember the order of those two words, you are first and foremost a trader, not someone that travels. If you want to explore a large amount of countries it’s fine, good on you, but in that case take the time off to fully focus on your travels.

You are first and foremost a trader, not someone that travels

If you are going to be trading and travelling for the longer term then you will need to put your trading ahead of travelling which means spending more time in one location, not partying every night, having time you dedicate to work and a wifi connection.

Trading and Travel - gives you amazing views!
You will quickly learn which coffee shops have the best views tho!

Why do I recommend to spend more time in one location rather than being on the road non-stop? Well, in my personal experience I know that it will take me one week to adjust to a new location and become productive once again. If you change location every week you’ll never really get back “in the zone”.

Travelling requires a lot/some planning and not knowing where you are off to the following week will make you a tiny bit more stressed and occupied a small part of your mind at all time, which will distract you from trading – and hence dent your returns.

Meeting people is relatively easy when you are staying in a hostel or going to a co-working place but… Most people are going to be tourists, which means they’ll probably stick around for a few days before leaving, and they will be pushing you to do fun things (that you really want to do) instead of being stuck in front of your laptop working on your craft.

When people usually move cities and uproot their lives they will make friends at their new work environment, it’s natural to become friends with someone you’re going to see every day – you don’t really need an excuse to bump into them and introduce yourself.

For “digital nomads” it’s quite awkward, you don’t have that, no one is going to come up to you and introduce themselves and all their friends – you will need to make the effort to go introduce yourself and build relationships. If you change locations every few days / weeks it becomes quite tiring (read that as very tiring and you will spend countless hours by yourself)

But it’s not all bad, I just really wanted to show the other side of the “trade & travel” which is rarely showed since everyone that promotes “trade & travel” make money selling you their products.

Everyone that promotes “trade & travel” make money selling you their products.

On the positive side of things, you’ll get to meet loads of people you wouldn’t have met in a thousand lives otherwise, for instance I am still in contact with a lot of Indonesian friends that worked at my hostel and became my second family

Life can indeed be cheaper – if you are currently living in London then moving to Bali / Thailand / Morocco or more less anywhere in the world will be cheaper even when you include the plane tickets – which is really cool

Over the last seven months I’ve been able to wear swimming shorts every single day because I chose my countries based on the weather (Clearly I wasn’t in Canada this winter!)

You’ll definitely make a few of your friends jealous when they imagine you next to the beach with a coconut in hand and they’re working in their office – but that shouldn’t be the prime motivator, well it can be I guess

Joke – I don’t usually work there, I’m usually hiding in the shade!

Do I recommend trading and travelling? Yes, it’s fun you get to meet a lot of new people and see an entirely different side of life.

Will it be something I do forever? No, it gets quite tiring, would love to have a home base for half the year. But I’m still not settling down anywhere so I guess I’m forced to keep on travelling, what a shame 🙂

Thank you for reading this far! If you have any more specific questions drop me a message on Instagram @max_sydney_


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