Thursday 22nd of April

Good morning team! Hope you’re well!

Once again, not much on watch today, seems like it could be a slow day, but let’s remember we tend to take 4 to 5 trades per month so that’s normal

FX Watchlist


Euro Kiwi remains on my watch for a potential long play, we just need to wait for this triple bottom to be broken to the downside πŸ™‚


Kiwi Swiss is also on my watch, glad to see the kiwi currency on multiple watches πŸ™‚

Quite interesting to see some difference but the overall similarity is rather striking if you ask me


Kiwi Yen nearly gave us an entry yesterday or two days ago, but sadly it remains on watch since it didn’t fit all our criterias.

Also, Brian Lee shared a long youtube video / conversation, all his content is worth reading / watching so here’s the link:

Thursday 15th of April

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well!

I’ve been looking into new things I want to learn about when it comes to the market, my interest is currently stuck on Wyckoff methodology, so if you have any insights / recommendations surrounding it I’d be all ears! The same applies with trading volume profiles:)

I haven’t added / changed anything to my running trades (2x short AN and 1x long EU) so no updates there.

My watchlist has remained rather similar so it may be boring, but I’m adding two pairs to keep it fun πŸ˜€

FX Watchlist


Aussie Swiss is on my watchlist for a potential short play, I like the area, it was a clear trend line break in my opinion so I’m happy with it.

There’s a clear weekly stack so all in all, I’m just waiting for an entry opportunity


Canadian Yen hasn’t really changed, still looking for that short play


Not sure there’s been any change in Euro Yen for the last two / three weeks I’ll admit


Kiwi Swiss sadly played out without reaching our area of interest, that one definitely did make me sad, I had hoped to see a test of the zone before moving higher.

That being said, we are now approaching the higher zone which has a weekly stack (I have adjusted the zone hence why it doesn’t fit on the daily) I’ll be looking for a short from there


Kiwi Yen is the third yen pair on this watch, with the two swiss pairs – shows that the safe heavens could be setting themselves up for a play !

I like this set-up, now it’s only a question of whenever the price will reach the zone and give us a script entry.

The main drawback on this set-up is that it’s quite hard to find a valid weekly area – we can do so by combining two weekly candles together but even then it’s not perfect.

Quit comparing yourself with other people. It won’t motivate you for long, it’ll just create resentment / jealousy and lead you to ask why him not you

Monday 12th of April

Good morning folks! I trust everone is well!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend and spent it in a good fashion! I did a 5k for time, took me 24min and 9 seconds, I usually don’t time myself and only go slow so it was the first time I tried to up my pace.

Keeping the right pace is bloody complicated without a running watch I’ll tell you that much πŸ™‚

Anyway, you’re not here because of my amazing good looks or my running (or are you?)

FX Watchlist


Canadian Dollar Yen is on my watch for a potential short – if the price just reached the zone before dropping we’d also see a clear head and shoulder pattern which would be cool, it always adds some edge to our position.

The thing about C/J is that we have a zone at the high it just made but we also have a zone just slightly above it, both of them coming from a gorgeous weekly stack, so all in all, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens


Are you guys bored of seeing Euro Yen on my watchlist? It’s been there for nearly two weeks now and we haven’t really move, I’m sorry, I don’t control it, all I have control over are my actions, including my watchlist πŸ™‚


Kiwi Swiss is on my watchlist, it’s the last one that could see some action for today I believe, we’re getting closer to the zone of interet!

Little amount of “wisdom” before I leave you folks!

Oh and my friend and coach Jared Tendler book – the Mental Game of Trading is out now!

I’m waiting to receive my copy! Do yourself a favour and get a copy for yourself too!

Friday 9th of April

Good morning folks, I hope you’re well! Looking forward to getting shit done today πŸ™‚

Let’s dive straight into the trade update:

Trade Update

I took a loss on GBP/USD (I took the position yesterday) – it’s okay, I believe the trade set-up was there, the only problem was in my execution, i was late in the trade and that’s my own fault.

The edge was there, so I have no issues trading it.

FX Watchlist


Pound Swiss is also getting close to its area of supply, it’ll be interesting to see how the price reacts from this area. There’s also a clear weekly supply in that area so we’re covered on that side of things.

Let’s wait and see what happens & what opportunity we get (if we get any)


Kiwi Swiss is also approaching an area of supply, another counter-zone level that has a lovely weekly stack and a clear area of interest.

We’ve just broken below the previous low so we’ll get some liquidity from this area, let’s see if we reach the area of interest before the price moves!

Let’s go get it folks πŸ™‚

Thursday 8th of April

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well and feeling good!

Let’s dive straight into it!

Trade Update:

I just took GBP/USD long, however I messed up, I wasn’t feeling great this morning so stayed in bed. The only problem was that GBP/USD gave a clear entry that I executed over an hour and half late.

This drops my RR from 3:1 to 2.5:1 which is a rather big difference.

Daily FX Watchlist.


Euro Yen is on my watchlist for a potential set-up for a short:


There’s a clear set-up for both a long and a short opportunity which I’ll be interested in both.


Clear set-up for a potential long, however we need to break below the double bottom it has formed before we’re able to do that.

That’s it for today folks!

That being said, I definitely have to recommend Jared’s book coming out April 12th!

Wednesday 7th of April

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well and enjoying a cup of coffee!

It’s always a struggle for me, to finish my cup of coffee or start writing up this blog post. That is the question eh

Anyway, did I update you folks on the 4hour scale ins I took?

Trade Update:

I took EUR/USD long as a 4hour scale in yesterday I’ve had the opportunity to reduce my risk on it now so I’m happy about it

I also took a scale in on AUD/NZD, another 4hour scale in, I’m just waiting to see what happens next. Ideally we’d see it drop πŸ™‚ It’s currently resting on the 1h 50EMA which has been rather well respected in the past, so only time will tell.

(It will drop, time just hasn’t caught up with that fact yet)

Anyway, enough talking about my positions, let’s have a look at my watchlist

FX Watchlist


Euro Yen is on my watch for a potential short – however I’d like to see the price reach a zone that’s slightly above the previous high, we’ll see how that happens. To break the previous high we’ll need quite a strong push higher, however a lot of stops are probably around that level so we’ll have some liquidity being created for a potential short from there (or a bigger push)


Pound Dollar is also on my watch for a potential long play – we broke out of a descending phase line and are now headed back into the zone it had created.

This level is aligned with a previous area of supply and demand however I’m happy with it. There is a weekly stack, however it starts from around the middle of that level (hence why my zone looks strange, I have adjusted it)

I hope you guys enjoyed this breakdown!

Oh and, I have a question for you:

Would you enjoy it if I made a weekly video about my watch, what I’m looking at ahead, what I’m currently testing? I was thinking of doing it with another trader to be able to showcase different styles of trading.

It’s not your strategy that’s holding you back if it’s profitable in your backtest, the problem is likely coming from you sadly

You can reach me by email or through IG!

Tuesday 6th of April

Good morning folks, I hope you’re well!

To keep you folks updated in everything – I closed EUR/NZD yesterday for profit

Trade Update:

EUR/NZD is a trade I took back in March, it was a clear 4 hour set-up in my books so I executed it without any hesitation

I manually closed the position for 2.8R since the price had reached my profit target on tradingview and more or less instantaneously reversed, without my broker tagging me out.

I have come to realise it’s better to be happy with 2.8R rather than wait and see if the price goes back down for 3% or see it turn itself into a BE trade.

There is one problem with my position, I did not take a scale in. I cannot tell you why not, I do not recall, however that was a mistake on my part, I did not execute my trading plan as I should’ve have

It’s possible that it was due to some fear I had knowing USD/CHF and AUD/NZD were both running in the red at the time? Maybe because I wanted to see a 1hour scale in bank some profit for the first time this year? I do not know. However, that’s a big mistake I should’ve executed.

Anyway, enough talk about the past, let’s have a look forward

I’ll keep this watch short of commentary since I’ve been eyeing up these pairs for quite a while now, it’s becoming rather repetitive for you I’m sure!

FX Watchlist








That’s it for my watch for today at least.

I hope you enjoyed this chart dump & trade review!

Monday 5th of April

Good morning folks! I hope you had a lovely weekend!

I survived, I didn’t overdose on chocolate, I’m rather proud of that πŸ™‚

Before we dive into the watchlist, I wanted to bring up the fact that this is the first week in Q2, so think about your goals / objectives for the next three months!

That’s not something I can do for you – you have to do it for yourself!

FX Watchlist


I’ll be looking for a potential short trade on CAD/JPY – the price action has been going sideways for a couple of days, but we have to take in account that both Friday and Today will be low volume days.

Let’s be patient, I don’t expect today to mean much.


Pound Swiss is also quite interesting, rather similar to what CAD/JPY is showing to us , we have a clear move higher and some clear deceleration around this high – once again we see little move over today.


Dollar Yen is the third pair on my watchlist, it’s been rather bullish / impulsive over the last few weeks – so we’ll see what happens next. It’ll be nice!

That’s it for today, it’ll probably be a chill day, I don’t expect to see a lot of volatility / volume

Have a lovely one.

Friday 2nd of April

Good morning folks, I hope you are well!

I’ll admit, I wrote March instead of April… But hey, it’s good friday! (It is right?) that means looaaaaddd of chocolate over the weekend πŸ˜€

Anyway, enough joking around!

To keep you folks updated, I still have a scale in order (for a 4hour scale in) on AUD/NZD, I’ll be waiting to see if it gets triggered. I have just added a scale in order on EUR/USD as well but this time on the 1hour. I’ll obviously cancel both of them before the daily close.

One thing that is worth noting is that back in 2020 the 1hour scale in didn’t perform great, however, I know over the 6 previous years it’s actually been rather good. So I’ll keep executing them.

But that brings up a question, should you trust more the more recent results or trust more the overall results?

Short term results are more representative of market conditions while overall results give you a better idea of what to expect in the long term – if nothing has really changed…. It’s a tough one.

In terms of my funded account with 5ers, I have come to a decision.

I’ll risk 0.5% per trade at this stage (where I trade a 40k account) but will decrease the risk every stage I pass by 20%

The reasoning behind it is that the growth in funded programs is rather slow at first. That being said, I also want to get the long term benefits of compounding so I do not want to be dropped form the program once I have passed a few stages. Losing a 320k account would be a lot more impactful than loosing a 40k account if that makes sense.

Anyway, enough talk

Daily Watchlist

Going to keep it short since I’m guessing it’ll be quiet today (bank holiday in the UK I believe)


Canadian Yen is on my watch as previously mentioned



That’s it for today folks!

I’m mainly going to be waiting to see if AN and EU give me a scale in position.


Have a lovely easter!

Thursday 1st of April

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well!

I won’t play any tricks on you today πŸ™‚ Well maybe, who knows eh.

Trade update:

EUR/USD presented itself as a potential long as per my watch yesterday, I executed it as an SF (small sideways action) quite happy with it, the fact that the DXY seemed to fit fit the trade would be rather gorgeous.

If you wonder how I feel about having the trade in the red at first, I don’t really mind, I know more than 50% of my winning trades have at least one candle close in the red.

FX Watchlist


Canadian Yen is quite interesting we’re approaching an area of interest and we’ve been in an incredible bullish move that will probably need a bigger drawback.


Pound Swiss is on my watchlist for a potential short, a clear zone, that being said, it’s also worth noting that the zone could’ve been a lot bigger. I had decided to draw a smaller zone – to wait for the set-up to be of higher probability.


Dollar Yen is worth noting as well, it’s quite interesting as well, we are approaching a level I’ll want to short from knowing how extended the move currently is.

That’s it for today on my side of things πŸ™‚

I came across quite a nice quote from Derek Sivers interview with Tim Ferris yesterday

“If I want to learn a language, it’s probably not going to be by doing it 2 hours a day, but just total immersion.”

It’s a great conversation, it’s worth listening to / reading it!

What I mean about the quote above is that if you want to master something you’ll probably have to give it all your time otherwise you’ll never become one hundred percent fluent in a language.

Time immersion is key.