Wednesday 18th of August

Good morning folks!

I hope you’re well – life has been rather busy these last few days with the markets moving so much so let’s have a look at trades I took and are closed

Trade Update

EUR/USD 4h scale in: -1R

USD/JPY 1H scale in: -1R

Sadly losses are part of this business, we will always incur them.

Anyway, enough talk let’s have a look at my watchlist

FX Watchlist


Aussie Canadian is interesting – we’re now seeing a double bottom in an area of demand so let’s see how the price reacts


Aussie Swiss just reached an area of demand – let’s see if we can get one more push into the zone


Will only be interested in it if we make a new low before having an entry signal


I’m mentioning Euro Aussie however it’s unlikely I shall take a trade on it now


We’re approaching the area of demand


Euro Kiwi reached the area of supply yesterday on the news, however we’re pulling back, towards it, as long as the price action forms an M I’ll be happy to take it


Let’s see if we push into it


Let’s be honest this is the most important one:

Whatever happens on the DXY will give us the direction for the next month or so – we’re currently stuck in a triangle formation with an area of supply above it, so let’s be careful

I think that’s it for today folks!

Have a great one

Tuesday 17th of August

Good morning folks!

Rather a busy morning / last 24 hours for me!

I’m not too sure what I updated you on yesterday so let’s do a recap of my positions:

Trade Updates:

EUR/USD Long x2

I am in two positions in Euro Dollar, my original entry and a four hour scale in rather looking forward to seeing a push higher if possible! The scale in was taken after

AUD/NZD Long x1

I am also in a long position on Aussie Kiwi – I’ll be looking to place a scale in soon enough! Haven’t placed on yet since the high keeps evolving so I’d have to adjust it quite a lot

USD/JPY Long x2 (well only 1 now)

We saw the price reach the area of demand, correct for a while and then give us a script entry for a long opportunity – there also was the opportunity to enter a 1h scale in which I did however sadly that position has been tagged out and I am no long in it.

Yes this position was basically a bet against my EURUSD but that’s okay, it was valid and I don’t look at correlation in my backtest

All that + some crypto trades that I won’t be sharing on this website for now, all in all this is the busiest we’ve been in a long time in the market!

Anyway, let’s talk about my super big watchlist?

FX Watchlist

This one is going to be a chart dump guys it’s too big otherwise so let’s go!











That’s it for today folks!

Monday 16th of August

Good morning folks! I hope you had an amazing weekend!

I got to go and pick up on of my closest friends yesterday and had a really really really nice barbeque – with a fair amount of booze, well, let’s put it this way, I am definitely not excited to go running now because my head throbs πŸ™‚

Anyway, let’s have a look at our watch>

FX Watchlist


Let’s start with Aussie Kiwi, it’s actually rather interesting at the moment in my eyes! We were able to break lower from where the price stagnated for a while which enables me to look for a trade now.

As previously mentioned this pair has a lovely weekly stack as well so I’ll be executing this trade when the time comes!


While Swiss Yen is definitely less sexy or at least on the daily chart than AUD/NZD I believe we can keep our eyes on it as well and see what happens.

There’s a clear weekly stack, the only drawback is that the daily zone isn’t the prettiest but, hey why not :0


Euro Aussie is also worth mentioning I guess? We are approaching an area of supply that’s rather clear to my eyes the only drawback is that this is more of a phase line break than a trend line break – we actually still haven’t reached the lower trend line oh and the weekly stack is definitely there for us so we might as well play it πŸ™‚


Dollar Yen is worth mentioning, we may even get an entry today so I’m keeping my eyes wide open!

While I will admit I’d prefer to take a short on this set-up there remains a lot of opportunity for us – we can even play a potential move higher from here.

The price is decelerating and has reached the weekly stack, so let’s wait and be patient

Those are the only pairs I’m really eyeing up for today! A lot of pairs are nicely shaping up so let’s be patient and execute when the time is right!

Thursday 12th of August

Good morning folks! Had an amazing day yesterday with an early getaway at a friends place, was really relaxing to enjoy the summer with friends recently.

That being said, I was still active don’t you worry πŸ™‚

Trade Update: EUR/USD

I took a long on EUR/USD yesterday here was the trade:

The daily gave us an extremely clear set-up in my views and we had a gorgeous higher time frame stack. On the 4hour side of things price action was clean, and we got a valid trade entry which I executed without hesitation.

All in all glad with this set-up, let’s see what happens now

Anyway, let’s have a look at the watchlist for today

FX Watchlist


Aussie Canadian remains on my watch for this week, I’m interested in seeing a double bottom or the price drop a fair amount lower.

Just being patient


Aussie Kiwi is worth mentioning, we are hovering above the area of demand, we even reached it, however we haven’t seen a valid entry so far. The price has been rather slow to move so in order for me to be interested in it, we’ll have to see the price drop lower into the zone


Dollar Yen remains interesting, we are still below the area of supply so let’s be patient


Dollar Singapore is in a similar situation, let’s be patient

Have a fantastic day folks

Oh and I’m currently watching:

So if you have any recommendations on physics I’m always keen!

Tuesday 10th of August

Good morning folks!!! Well that was a hectic week sorry for missing out on this blog but I decided I wanted to use all my time on more productive endeavours rather than updating this blog when my watchlist had barely changed

To keep you update with my “life” I was in Paris with friends from university, it was amazing to catch up with them, it had been three years I hadn’t seen one of them! Time flies by!

Oh and I’ll be flying to Montreal September 11thtill October 23rd, so if you’re around, definitely hit me up!

Anyway, back to the important stuff!

FX Watchlist


Aussie Kiwi is approaching, well has been hovering above an area of demand for quite a while now, sadly it still hasn’t been reached so I am waiting on the side lines for now.

The area on the daily chart is absolutely gorgeous so I am happy with this area of demand, it does have a valid higher time frame stack as well so all in all, just patiently waiting on the sidelines


Canadian Swiss is worth mentioning purely because we created a new area of demand today, we broke out of the recent mini descending trendline by having two consecutive closes above it. It’ll be interesting to see how the price reacts to the 50EMA

I won’t be trading it due to the lack of higher time frame support so far (if this week closes as a full weekly candle then that will change) but I wanted to share it:)


Euro Aussie does have a weekly stack tho so I’ll be happy to trade it if the opportunity shows itself! It recently broke a small ascending trend line in a rather clear fashion so I’m doing my best to remain aware of its current whereabouts.

I have an alert set at the beginning of the area of supply to be ready in case we get an entry over the next few days.


Euro Dollar is probably playing with us by hovering just above the area of demand as it currently is, we have a gorgeous daily area of demand quite similar to the AUD/NZD one the rice has been in a deceleration phase for quite a couple of weeks except for the last few days

So let’s see if we can trick people that are selling into this momentum and see a clear reversal from this area! Oh and the weekly chart is also gorgeous so all in all, count me in if we get a clear entry!


While Dollar Yen won’t be giving me an entry today I need to catch up for having missed two days, so just wanted to mention it! It’s rather pretty!

We’ve broken out of the ascending trendline and are moving towards the area of supply we created – at the same time if we do reach this area of supply we’ll also have created a new area of demand lower, at the beginning of this move higher.

All in all I’m happy with the higher timeframes as well so…. Yep should be a busy week if we get to see set-ups


Finally Dollar Singapore is on my watch, it’s a rather clear trend line break that could be see as a trend line break – we have a clear area of supply that fits with the weekly stack so it’s an area I am keeping my eyes on.

I know quite a few of you dislike trading this pair so do as you wish, but if we get a valid set-up you know what I’ll be doing!

Thursday 5th of August

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well! I’ll admit feels good to have a change in scenery and get to see friends.

That being said I’m still writing July, I’m definitely not living in August the weather is definitely not nice enough for us to be in August!

Anyway, excited to see my old roommates today!

FX Watchlist


Aussie Kiwi is on my watch, I’ll admit that when I woke up and saw it I was rather sad I thought I had missed the entry since I didn’t wake up at 3am – that being said, I didn’t!!! It actually didn’t reach the area of demand, it gave us a script entry just above that area so all is well!

Let’s wait and see if the price retraces and reaches the area of demand


I’ve changed my chart of Euro Swiss hence why I wanted to update you on it even tho I’m not convinced we’ll get an entry today.

We’ve broken through an area of demand so we have recently created a new area of supply, a counter-zone.

That being said there’s still an area of demand a little lower so let’s remain patient and keep our eyes open!


Dollar Swiss is also on my watchlist it’s got a clear area of demand below the current price action so let’s see what happens. The price is currently slowly changing trend and is showing more bullish signs however, I’ll wait until the set-up is clearly there before taking a trade on this pair.

As always let’s remain disciplined and focus πŸ™‚

Wednesday 4th of August

Good morning folks, writing this from my train so I’m going to keep it bref to make sure I still have some coverage πŸ™‚ Headed to Paris to see an old exchange student that lived with us for six month and then spending the week with friends! Should be nice

Anyway, let’s dive into my watch

FX Watchlist

Actually not much changed since yesterday, the only big thing I need to mention is Aussie Kiwi, our favorite pair, well maybe.


Aussie Kiwi is interesting to us since it is approaching an area of demand that really changed the trend, it’s a fantastic area both on the daily and on the weekly.

The price dropped close to the zone over night so let’s see what we can make out of it!

Oh shit my train is moving so time to upload this! Have a good one folks

Tuesday 3rd of August

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well!

Quite sad to see AUD/CAD playout without giving us a clear entry but such is life, we have to stick to our trading plan.

EUR/CHF is also slowly falling off my watchlist, the price has become rather slanted and there’s no script entry just some sideways price action

Let’s go into my watchlist and cover things I’m watching πŸ™‚

FX Watchlist


Aussie Kiwi is on my watch, that being said it’s not close to the area of demand – so let’s be patient and see where the price action goes over the next few days


Pound Yen is interesting we’ve got both an area of supply and an area of demand so let’s be patient and neutral, we’ll only execute the trade if it provides us with a valid set-up!


Dollar Canadian is also on my watch for the next week. We have a clean area of demand below the current price action so let’s wait for it!


Dollar Swiss is a clear set-up let’s see how the price goes from here on!

That’s it for today! Stay amazing folks!

Friday 30th of July

Good morning folks I hope you’re well!

A little bit tired I guess going for sprints uphill with little rest in between was a stupid idea – especially seeing my max heart rate was at 214 on that workout ahah

Anyway, let’s have a look at my watchlist. I have two pairs I’m rather keen on that could give us an entry before the end of the week.

FX Watchlist


Aussie Canadian is approaching the area of demand rater clearly now, it won’t take long before it is reached at this rate, so let’s see what we get, will there be a clear reversal? I do not know, but if an opportunity is provided to me I’ll execute it.


Euro Swiss was a pair I missed on yesterday’s watchlist, so I’m adding it now.

You may even be able to spot a script entry on my chart once it reached the area of demand (the last close) and wonder why I didn’t take it – if so it’s because it’s a 12 pip stop loss which is a little to tight for me, remember EUR/GBP I ignored that rule since I was too keen to enter, got burnt so now I’m definitely sticking to this rule.

Currently in the process of updating the script as well to reflect that rule to make my life even easier πŸ™‚

There’s quite a few pairs I’m going to have on watch for next week so I’m rather happy about that, hopefully we’ll see a few entries!

Thursday 29th of July

Holy S. sorry about that folks, it appears I totally forgot to do it yesterday!

Where to begin it’s been so long πŸ™‚

I guess with a sad trade update

Trade Update


I executed Euro Pound at 7am yesterday having seen a valid script entry in the area of demand – I knew I was happy with the higher timeframe since it’s been on my watch for a while so I blindly executed.

The issue here was that the stop loss was smaller than 20 pips and I do not like taking trades with such a small stop loss, that being said, I just woke up when I took the trade so I didn’t think I just acted.

And well, yeah that wasn’t the correct move to do! Slightly annoyed at myself for that one, I think it’s due to the little amount of trades I’ve been taking recently, I wanted to see some action

FX Watchlist


While I doubt we’ll see an entry today it’s on my watch – and it’s the only one close to an entry


I’m not mentioning Euro Pound since it’s spent too long moving sideways for my trading plan and I don’t take re-entries even tho my first entry wasn’t valid sadly.

Have a good one folks!