Wednesday 28th of October

Exciting day folks, got a few pairs on watch for today! It’s been a while. In other news I’ve also moved my stop to break-even on my AUD/CHF long.

Survived my first 24 hours of fasting – 48 hours to go!

Anyway, enough blurb, let’s dive straight into my daily watchlist!

Daily Watchlist


Kiwi Dollar is approaching my first area of interest, as previously mentioned I wouldn’t be surprised if the price reached a level that’s a bit higher. That being said, I will execute if an entry is provided within this zone.

The zone I am using is based off the two last imbalance candles before the wedge pattern broke down. We’ll see what happens from there!

The main drawback from this pair is the fact that the current price action is slanted, and we all know (if you’re a regular at least) that I do not like slanted price action leading up to an entry so… We’ll see!

NZDUSD Short as always


The zone I have on Euro Canadian it rather less pretty and less obvious than the one on kiwi dollar, I’ll be the first to admit that.

However, it remains valid here’s the breakdown=

1- We have a zone that lead to trend line break dating back to the 7th of September

2- We have a counter zone on the 9th of October, there’s two candles that closed below the imbalance level created on the 7th – so this level is valid.

3- We then processed to break above the zone (and closed two days in a row) on the 23rd and 24th. which leads us to having a counter zone on the 16th of October.

Makes sense right?

Oh and yes there’s a weekly stack too!

EUR/CAD long


Okay so EUR/JPY is relying on a counter-zone that dates back from the 17th of July.

However, we can see that the real supply area was the imbalance candle of the 21st of July – so I’m more hesitant for this position – the 21st doesn’t fit my rules so using the imbalance level of the 17th.

On top of that hesitation in terms of validity of the supply area, there’s another “hick” the weekly stack doesn’t exactly reach it, it only reaches the low of the 28th of September.

To take a position here we’d require it to be really at the top of the zone and strong enough to close inside the weekly stack.

All in all, this position isn’t ideal, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened – if it does I’ll execute

EUR/JPY long set-up

Daily Book

On top of the book I was reading yesterday – Exhalation – I’ve picked up Josh Waitzkin “The art of learning” (that’s an affiliate link to Amazon)

I think he’s one of the most interesting people out there, I enjoy podcasts with him so I figured I should pick up the book!

Would recommend it to parents that’s for sure!

That being said, I’m probably only a quarter through so… Still a long way to go!

Daily Tweet

Be strange 🙂

Tuesday 27th of October

Starting a three day fast today.

I’ve tried intermittent fasting, but I think it’s more of a pain in terms of the social aspect – so decided I’ll give a three day fast a try. I’ve already done a few, but it’s been a while.

At least I know I need to be careful when I start eating again – last time I ended up throwing up quite a lot.

Why am I talking about this? There’s not much movement in the market for now – I’m guessing the market is waiting to see who wins the US election before they choose a direction.

I’m betting (betting, not voting, I’m not even American so who cares) that Trump will win. But democrats will win congress.

Trade update:


I’m still in the position I mentioned on the 21st – it’s been going sideways for quite a while now, since the 22nd – it’s trying to break the 4h 50EMA but it’s struggling, we’ll see if it succeeds or not.

At least the swap isn’t too big to worry about so all is well.

Updated on my AUDCHF long trade

Daily Watchlist


I’m just going to copy paste what I said yesterday, absolutely nothing has changed sadly.

If you’re here for the action sorry!

So far I’ve been quite busy using my lower time frame strategy, we’ll see how it goes, going to forward test it for a while before using more capital on it.

Here’s my blurb about Kiwi Dollar from yesterday:

I like NZD/USD and especially this area since we;ve broken out of a clear wedge pattern, so I’d be looking for the price to reach the area of supply that lead to a break of the pattern.

However there’s an untapped zone (which has a cleaner higher time frame stack) just above the high we previous made.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the price reach the previous high, form a reversal, get retail traders to position themselves short to then push higher to reach the higher zone – where their stop losses would be, to give liquidity to the institutions that are looking to add to their short positions.

That being said, if a set-up presents itself in the first area of supply, I will still take the trade if my script provides me an entry.

You have to apply the mechanical edge.

NZDUSD chart

Daily Book

I’m currently reading a science fiction book – Exhalation – it’s 11 short stories – it’s quite interesting to read science fiction it always makes me reflect.

In one of the stories, it talks about how the only aim of life is to lead to entropy where we’ll use all the energy available and die.

Quite a sad way to look at life, but it gives a meaning to it 🙂

Another story was about free will, which I thought was fascinating.

The one I’m currently reading (about virtual pets) is a little less entertaining and thoughtful, but it does bring up interesting ideas.

Daily Tweet

Work on building income, not only on lowering your expenses. Income is king.

Monday 26th of October 2020

As it was the case on Friday, I still do not have anything on my watchlist.

I could mention NZD/USD, we are getting quite close to an area of interest – actually let’s do it, I’d feel bad taking a trade on it if there was a trade

Daily watchlist


I like NZD/USD and especially this area since we;ve broken out of a clear wedge pattern, so I’d be looking for the price to reach the area of supply that lead to a break of the pattern.

However there’s an untapped zone (which has a cleaner higher time frame stack) just above the high we previous made.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the price reach the previous high, form a reversal, get retail traders to position themselves short to then push higher to reach the higher zone – where their stop losses would be, to give liquidity to the institutions that are looking to add to their short positions.

That being said, if a set-up presents itself in the first area of supply, I will still take the trade if my script provides me an entry.

You have to apply the mechanical edge.

NZDUSD short

But that’s all for my watch today!

Daily Book

Over the weekend I went though Naval Almanack, and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

You can find it here:

It’s a collection of his tweets with a deep dive into them based on several podcasts he’s made, I thought it was well done.

It’s for free, you can either buy the physical book, or just read it online – or (what I did) download the free pdf and send it to your kindle.

It’s for free, and it may help you out!

Daily Tweet

I’d recommend reading the tweet, it’s worth looking into.

We all think about compounding our money, but compounding also applies to other things, such as your brain.

(This tweet thread was a recommended reading from Naval)

Thursday 22nd of October

After listening to Naval Podcast with Tim Ferris yet another time I’ve started looking into tokenized stable coins. My thinking if currently going this way:

If we were able to use a broker and invest tokenized stable coins instead of cash, we wouldn’t have to pay taxes on the returns we make up until we transfer the stable coin into cash right?

Because it would remain in an investment form.

From there if we’re able to use stable coins for payments… Would enable us to never transfer the stable coin into cash… And hence pay no taxes?


However, it would be interesting to know how it would work, if only to reduce taxation rates, build an account quickly over five years etc

That being said, let’s dive into my daily watchlist?!

Daily Watchlist


I’m liking GBP/AUD for a potential short, we are reaching a counter zone area, so there’s going to be demand around this area. As mentioned yesterday there’s also a clear weekly stack, so in terms of higher timeframes we have everything we want to see in a trade.

On the 4 hour chart we can see how corrective the price action remains, and it’s not part of my plan to take a position if the price leading up to an entry is slanted.

gbpaud short idea


Pound Dollar is another pair I am eyeing up for today, for a short that is, we are getting quite close to two areas of supply.

Both zones are stacked by the same weekly, which lead to a strong weekly move lower, so we’ll see if it’s still there, but this area on the weekly chart seems strong. Hence I’ll be willing to take trades off the two zones

The first zone is a counter zone, but it’s rather close to a trend line break zone, which I usually prefer, so I’ll see how the price action is once it gets to the first zone, ideally it would reach the second zone, the trend line break before providing me with a script entry.

GBP/USD short from supply

Book wise…

I’m still reading How to Live: Or A Life of Montaigne in One Question and Twenty Attempts at an Answer – it’s interesting to look back at someone who lived over 500 years ago and realize that they were asking themselves the exact same questions as we are, but also as Seneca close to 2 thousand years ago.

It really shows the importance of looking back at history to predict the future, we are humans, we don’t change.

There was a beheading in France this week of a school teacher because he showed caricatures of Muhammad –> It’s a fucking tragedy, but if we look back at Montaigne’s time there was the Catholic v Protestant war in France with loads of beheading, murders, putting people on fire…. Same shit back in the Stoic times sadly…

I really wish we would evolve.

Anyway… To change subject

Tweet of the day

On that note, have a fantastic day!

Cheers for reading !

Wednesday 21st of October

(If you;re looking for the 22nd of October post you can find it here!)

Now one of the readers form this blog messaged me yesterday telling me not to take AUDCHF – I should stick to my rules.

I like my rules they’re great, for the large majority of the time – but this opportunity was rather gorgeous…

So I’m sorry… Three years in Canada got me to say sorry for way too many things I believe… Anyway, I took AUDCHF yesterday – that’s all I wanted to say.

audchf long trade

We’ll see what happens, however I truly believe there was an edge in this position so I’m more than happy to have executed on it.

That being said, let’s dive into my daily watchlist?!

Daily Watchlist


EUR/AUD reached its supply zone, we broke it once but the price was then pushed back into it.

I’ll be interested in it if there’s a clear double top and a script entry. If the price action just goes sideways I won’t be interested.

Time will tell what happens

If you’re wondering why I have a zone there, I’ve been talking about it for a while now

EURAUD short


Euro Kiwi is prettier than EUR/AUD but in this case as well I’ll be looking for a potential short, if it forms a double top and taps the zone I’ll be happy to take this trade.

There’s a weekly stack, so liking that. The price isn’t slanted for now, but we’ll see what happens once the price reaches the zone, there’s still a lot of time left for things to change!

EURNZD short


Pound Aussie is also on my watchlist, we failed to reach the supply area I was interested in yesterday (a counter zone dating back from May)

There’s a clear weekly stack so we’re good on that side of things.

What I dislike about pound aussie, so far that is, is that the price action is rather corrective/slanted, we can see a few impulsive moves but not many.

I’ll want to see an impulsive move into the zone, not something slow


Book wise…

I’m still reading How to Live: Or A Life of Montaigne in One Question and Twenty Attempts at an Answer – it’s good, I’d probably recommend it.

Don’t think it’d call it a life changing book that being said.

But that being said, it may be because he relies a lot on hellenistic philosophy (Stoicism / Epicureanism and Skepticism) and I’ve already spent a fair amount of time reading into them.

If you’ve recently read a “life changing” book I’d definitely be interested in knowing which one it was!

Tweet of the day

Tuesday 20th of October

Morning everyone! Exciting day ahead of us, we’ve got two currency pairs that have reached their zones – so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for those two bad boys.

Started forward testing a scalping strategy yesterday, I’m really excited to see what results it’ll show. One thing is for sure, I’m not used to having to stare at my screen for so long 🙂

Daily Watchlist


We’re in the supply and demand zone!!! I’ve been waiting on it for quite a while now I’ll admit, but here we are.

It’s a fresh counter zone, that has a weekly stack.

I’ll be waiting for a reversal signal to show itself and if it’s there, I’ll take it with no hesitation. If no signal is given, I’ll stay on hands!

YtfBFiQu (1613×962)


I remember explaining why this area of supply doesn’t really exist according to my rules. That being said, it’s just so damn obvious to me that this is an area of supply it will be hard to ignore it.

If an entry presents itself, I’ll be willing to take the trades. As a trader I believe there are three levels:

1- Need to build a build and learn rules

2- Need to apply said rules

3- Need to know when to ignore those rules and when to follow them

I hope I’m in the third basket, but this set-up makes a lot of sense to me, so I’ll wait and see if there’s a reversal area I’m interested in

hYmbLwHI (1828×962)

Book wise…

I’ve quickly read Red Rising 2, I got kinda bored of Montaigne so I jumped on something different, but I’ll be reading Montaigne today don’t you worry 🙂

There’s a few quotes I quite enjoyed from Red Rising 2:

A fool pull leaves. A brute chops the trunk. A sage digs the roots

I’ve come to understand why all this spectacle exists. Why all these speeches and momuments. Tradition is the crown of the tyrant.

I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you

Tweet of the day

Monday 19th of October

I love trading, that’s it, I said it! There’s just so many things you can do, discover, test, use, learn, ignore etc. It’s just lovely 🙂

Legit I prefer developing my trading skills than playing video games, I find it insane.

If you’re wondering why I’m so happy it’s because I’m currently developing a scalping method with a friend, however this strategy will remain under wraps, since it’s scalping it’s a lot more intense, and can accept less capital per trade, so definitely want to keep it private!

That being said, let’s dive into my daily watchlist?!

Daily Watchlist


I’ll be eyeing up a short on Euro Aussie from the 1.665 area I’ve been talking about since, well, mid June, we’ll see if the price reaches it or not

It;s a break from the previous S&D zone dating back to April, it has a weekly stack, it’s pretty, we’ll see if the price reaches it

OEMfEl6d (1613×962)

Over the next few days I’m also keeping my eyes on AUD/CHF – AUD/JPY – CAD/CHF – EUR/CHF – EUR/GBP – USD/CHF – USD/SGD.

That being said, none of them look like they may give us a set-up today, so I’ll keep you informed tomorrow if anything gets closer to their zones!

Book wise…

I’ve received my new book, How to Live: Or A Life of Montaigne in One Question and Twenty Attempts at an Answer , I’m round one third done, I quite like it, it’s interesting, that being said, there are times when it diverges a bit too far away from Montaigne, at the moment it’s talking about Descartes, Blaise Pascal and other philosophers that weren’t his contemporary to show the impact of his work.

While I appreciate the thoroughness, I’d prefer if it focused on the content he created.

Would recommend it so far tho, it’s rather interesting!

Tweet of the day

Friday 16th of October

Still not much on watch, that being said, I have exciting news.

5ers, a proprietary fund – they fund traders that pass their exams – have updated their drawdown rules.

Here is the quote:

5ers updates
Greats news!

After having compared a lot of different options I truly believe 5ers is the best option for traders that follow a daily/swing approach. The max. exposure limit is no issue if you’re not taking 10pip stops. You can hold positions over the weekend, and they double your account for every 10% you make.

Here’s their website: (this is a referral link, – will be used to keep this website running)

For those that wonder why a trader should refer people, he genuinely wants to succeed, to a funding – it’s mainly a question of monetizing my time, I spend a lot of time per week on this website offering content for free. Figured that I could use referral links once in a while

Plus, I have an account with them 🙂

Anyway, back to business.

Daily Watchlist


I’m quite iffy with this set-up, while there’s a valid zone, we can see that the month of June / July / August were basically sideways.

I don’t think it’s a question of buyers and sellers trying to fight out a position, instead I think it was just low volume on this pair.

That being said, there’s a weekly stack there, so it’s worth mentioning, it will also show a double bottom, so that will be interesting

AUD/JPY long


Aussie Swiss is another “iffy” pair.

It’s not entirely true, I’ve fitted the chart to fit me.

How so you ask? Well the zone I created in January 2020 wasn’t a real imbalance candle, it’s a valid area of supply and demand but… Yep not valid.

Which then means the counter zone in Feb shouldn’t be there, which in turn means the counter zone from June (the demand area we’re looking at) is not going to be a valid zone.

That being said, it’s freaking clean and obvious to me so…



I guess it’s time to mention euro aussie once again? It’s been a while after all!

I really like this supply zone, however we’ve been ranking for so long now I’m not sure institutions are still looking to get into the market. Time will tell.

There’s a clear weekly stack tho, so I’ll take the set-up if one occurs.

22yRq3ZP (1796×1329)

Book wise…

Finished Red Rising, American Assassin, and I’m now waiting to receive my new book, How to Live: Or A Life of Montaigne in One Question and Twenty Attempts at an Answer 

I’ve been told it’s a good book so I look forward to reading it and taking notes.

That being said, instead of reading today, I’m more focused on listening to the podcast by Naval and Tim Ferris, was released this week!

One of my favorite thinkers of our time.

Tweet of the day

Since I just mentioned Naval podcast with Tim Ferris, it would be wrong not to leave you with one of his quotes

Wednesday 14th of October

Let’s jump straight into my watchlist, I’m already behind my schedule… The book I started was too good to put down…

Daily Watchlist


Been mentioning this pair for a while, and we’re now inside the zone I’m keeping an eye on, it’s possible that I’ll take an entry in the next two hours if it closes above 1.0775 and becomes a full body candle.

There’s a clear monthly stack, yes structure is indicating a potential third rejection – and that the price will remain in a wedge, however every wedge needs to break at a point. So why not now.

AUDNZD long set-up, it's a buy in 2hours if it closes above 1.0775 and remains a full body candle


Cad Swiss is the second pair on my watch for today that I believe could give an entry

We are getting closer to an area of supply, time will tell if it reaches it. Can’t predict when the zone will be reached.

After all, it’s been ranging since the beginning of September so… Wouldn’t be surprised if it took a while longer.

I like the weekly stack so that’s okay for me.

CADJPY short area of supply

That’s it for today.

I’ll mainly focus my day on trying to refine the zones I draw..

Book wise…

I’ve picked up Red Rising, I’ve already read it, but I seemed to remember there were good and thought parts about managing a civilization that spreads across several planets.

On top of that it also shows the creation of a society from scratch in an area – with a lot of action, so I kinda like it 😀

Always interesting to look into it.

Science Fiction always makes me think, I’ll admit to that

Here’s a quote from the book I liked from yesterday on the topic of perfection:

Perfection means control. Self control. I am permitted to indulge in vices as long as I never permit them to usurp control. Eat the fish, but leave 20% to indicate it’s deliciousness did not overpower my resolve or made slaves of my taste buds

Tweet of the day

Looks like my twitter feed quality recently dropped umph – forced to go back in my retweets

Tuesday 13th of October

Let’s go get it – no trades were taken yesterday, spent the majority of my day on calls, have to admit, I am definitely more productive when I can just zone in and do my thing 🙂

Daily Watchlist


Been mentioning this pair for quite a while now.

The price is now within the daily zone, just not the zone I have drawn on my chart which is stacked to the monthly level, we’ll see what happens there.

If it goes without reaching my smaller zone then that’s fine I won’t be in it, and I’ll be glad to have remained true to my plan.

AUDNZD long set-up


CHF/JPY is in a similar situation as AUDNZD, it has reached the daily zone, but not the weekly one – knowing there’s a weekly stack at that level I’ll wait for the price to reach it before taking a trade, however, it may go before hand.

I see these trades as opportunities to practice my self resolve and temperance so I don’t mind it if the price never reaches my zone, I remain indifferent to it.

It’s like trying a jean on in a store, if the jean is too big, I’ll remain indifferent, I won’t buy it if it doesn’t fit me.

CHFJPY short trade


This kiwi dollar is another one we can find quite often on my watchlist, just waiting for it to reach a supply or demand area.

I like the daily area, however I’m not the biggest fan of the higher time frame stack, it’s definitely been used quite a few times so I wonder if there’s that many orders left for us to “jump on” and ride the trade to the downside

NZDUSD short


This other Swiss pair is also on my watch, the zone remains fresh, the wicks got close, but never reached into it, so I believe there’s still orders to be found there.

In my eyes this is a clear trend line break with a clear HTF stack, so I’ll be looking to take a position once the price enters the demand area, if it does.

USDCHF long set-up

That’s all the charts I’ll share today, I am still interested in the CAD pairs as well as Gold, however, they seem to still have a decent amount of room before a potential reversal.

Book wise…

I ended up reading Les Justes, from Albert Camus, a lovely and full of insights piece of theater (I usually hate theater) on revolutionaries in Russia.

Enjoyed the piece, makes you reflect on what you should stand up for, how far to take your ideas and how should you act upon them (while accepting that you may be sentencing yourself to death by acting on your ideals)

Mourir pour l’idée, c’est la seule façon d’être à la hauteur de l’idée. C’est la justification

Il y a trop de misère, et trop de crimes. Quand il y aura moins de misère, il y aura moins de crimes. Si la terre était libre, tu ne serais pas la

Not too sure what I’ll start on today. May take a day off good books and read a “trashy” book once again 🙂

Tweet of the day

Can’t find a good one today, so here’s an old one 🙂