Random Thoughts

Trading is probably one of the most emotional things you can be involved in. That’s why I’ll address a few themes and do my best to try and help you move away from that and become neutral towards the markets and increase your efficiency.

Here’s a few of the articles I’ve been able to write so far:

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A 6 month review – growth & goals

Self Review

Sessions with Jared Tendler – a MENTAL GAME COACH


Dealing with my biggest drawdown 😥

Reading habits

Four pillars for trading success

Scared of change?

Cost of being a digital nomad

Work as a digital nomad

Asking yourself the right questions

Fear in the FX market

Forecasting is key

Building a trading plan

Doing shit all (not taking trades)

Turning your “hobby” into your “job”!

Being a digital nomad (and the realizations once there)

Common mistakes traders make

Focus on the execution of your plan

Progress in my trading

A post about: ME

Why traders fail

Hope you’ve enjoyed the posts 🙂 Here’s a few beers to enjoy & say thanks for reading!