Friday 16th of September

Good morning folks!

I think I’m going to start posting my watchlist on Mondays and Wednesdays rather than daily, it saves time and to be honest, I mainly repeat myself every day which isn’t very productive or valuable to most.

Trade Update


Euro Swiss offered a set-up on the 14th of September and resulted as a full loss – it was a clear set-up, we saw a clear area of demand on the daily chart after breaking the descending trendline, breaking the structure and forming a higher high.

The only con was that on the 4hour chart the entry script was a small candle compared to previous momentum. That being said, it fits my trading plan so I’m happy to have executed it


Kiwi Yen offered an entry this morning – we saw a potential counter zone – this entry took place slightly above the trendline tho, which is a slight negative point, the trendline will probably attract price, that being said, it’s valid!

We have to keep executing!

FX Watchlist



Offered an entry this AM, however, the main issue with it which made me stay out of it, the stop sizing was too large for my sizing






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