Monday 12th of September

Good morning folks, I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

Currently trying out a new routine since my new strategy requires me to trade from 8am till 10am, it’s a question of fine tunning my sleep schedule I think, I like having my 8 hours of sleep, but adding an hour or more workout in the am before is kinda weird (I used to workout at 10, but too many people at my current gym)


FX Watchlist


Clear area of interest, it’ll be interesting to see if price goes back down lower to swipe these lows before reversing


Euro Dollar will be on watch for quite a while – if we break this descending trendline, then we’ll create a new area of demand around the low, so it’ll be question of how quickly we reach the area of supply for me to be willing to execute a trade from there


Clear reversal – let’s see what happens


Let’s see if we break out, a similar situation across the board with USD pairs, it’ll be a very interesting next few days/weeks


Seems worthwhile to mention since it’s very clear – rather similar to USD/CAD

Take care folks!

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