Tuesday 6th of September

Good morning folks!

I came across a rather enjoyable podcast yesterday so here I am leaving the link in case you want to have an idea


It’s a podcast with Patrick OShaugnessy and David Senra (the man behind FoundersPodcast)

I didn’t know founders podcast but I’ve added it to my list of podcasts to dive into.

In terms of history podcast I tend to listen to “How to Take Over the World” by Ben (one of the producers from My First Million)

Here’s the link:


Founders Podcast will be my new historical/biographical source.


Trade Update

XTI (Oil)

I decided to execute the trade here while I didn’t execute the 4hour entry that was because I didn’t know the correct sizing and we were trading into a small resistance

However, this trade looked rather fantastic to me, we broke above a resistance and filled it into a support, the 50EMA has been flipped and retested (we can see it is a strong area in the recent price action), it also fit with the pivot levels.

All in all, a lot of positive confluence factors to go with the daily zone and retest of the daily trendline



Canadian Yen is in a clear area for a potential reversal, we’re currently breaking out of the area but let’s see what happens from here


Clear potential area, however, it seems like the price action is headed higher and isn’t interested in retesting our area of interest

That’s it folks

Take care

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