Monday 5th of Septembre

Good morning folks! I hope you’re all well and had a wonderful weekend

I’m currently having fun with a new lower timeframe strategy – using it live at the moment to see how things go from now on rather than purely backtesting, it’s the issue of trading on the 2min timeframe, the backtest data doesn’t go insanely far behind

Anyway, here are the few updates

Trade Update


We took a loss here, I’m not overly surprised since we formed a clear double top, however, I believe it still worked with my plan


Kiwi Yen also resulted as a loss – this range was definitely a clear issue, there was the option to adjust my TP but since I never focused on doing something like that…

Turns out, I should’ve taken the summer and gone camping I think… Would’ve been cheaper than trading

FX Watchlist






Clear potential entry on Friday – I’m happy to stay out tho, since I always struggle with position sizes on oil

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