Wednesday 31st of August

Good morning folks!

I hope everyone is well!

I’ve been working to develop a scalping strategy so I’ve been working on that recently, I’ve decided to start using it in the market today and pulled 1.6R (with less R than usual due to forward testing)

Anyway, you’re not here about that, or at least, I’m not planning on sharing this strategy publicly


We’re approaching the previous high, so I’m just patiently waiting at this area for now


Euro Yen is also looking quite decent for a short if we break this trendline, that being said, we’re at a trendline, so if we break this level we’ll be able to create a new zone lower in which case the likelihood of me executing a short will be a lot lower



We remain within the area of demand, we’ve seen a rather sideways price action so far, but let’s see what happens




Take care folks!

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