Thursday 25th of August

Good morning folks! I hope everyone is well!

Just wanted to highlight the high value Brian Lee shares on twitter, he now has a “super follower” function where he shares even more details & holds office hours answering questions

Anyway, with that done,

FX Watchlist


I will be looking to execute a short here tomorrow if the pivot and 50EMA aligns. Sadly the order I had in the market yesterday was 3pips away from being triggered, the sadness of being over precise


Clear breakout – I’m interested to see if we get a pullback to the area & trend line


Clear breakout, however we’ve only seen a bounce form a double bottom, I expect a decent amount of stops below those relative equal lows, so I’m keen to see a potential short


Clear zone, will be interested to see what happens here


Clear counter zone, with a nice weekly stack, a lot of sideways price action, so hoping to see a real push higher before a reversal to grab some liquidity





There we go!

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