Wednesday 24th of August

Good morning folks, I hope you’re well!

Let’s dive straight into the watchlist


Euro Aussi is on my watchlist for a potential retracement here, we’ve broken the recent lows but it remains valid as long as it doesn’t go too far away. Let’s see what happens!


I’m personally hoping to see the Kiwi value plunge before testing this zone I have to admit, mainly due to my NZD/JPY short, but if it pullsback to the area of supply, I’ll be looking to execute a short entry here as well


Dollar Yen is on watch, however it seems like price is either correcting or retracing, will be interesting to see what happens with teh DXY (it’s currently in a zone)


I’m mentioning this pair because we have broken a clear phase line, however, it remains likely that we are still within a ranging area, so let’s see what we get


Dollar Singapore has reached an area of interest to me, I’m waiting to see if we’ll get anything that fits my bias for a short, only time will tell

Copper and Gold also remain on my watchlist

Take care folks!

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