Monday 15th of August

Good morning folks! I hope everyone is well!

Spent this weekend trying a few more aggressive frameworks on the charts and I have to admit it’s rather interesting – now the question is can I execute them live on indices and how good is IC Markets to trade them – or would I be better to do them on a different broker

Oh and when I say live, I mean live execution, not with real funds yet! Need to prove myself a bit before putting real money into this market!



Euro Swiss is currently breaking lower and lower, it’s crazy I always thought 1euro would be valued higher than a swiss franc but apparently, it’s not, I wonder if the central banks will do something about it!

For this one, I’ll be waiting for a pullback to go short


Euro Dollar is currently breaking a phase line/ trendline and rejecting a descending longer-term trendline, I’m willing to bet a lot of traders are watching this daily close and the next few

If we break this level and close below (without touching the TL) tomorrow I’ll be looking for a short from the high starting Wednesday


Sadly Swiss Yen broke one of my rules for the order I had in the market on Thursday so I removed it (sadly because I’d be short right now) – however, it remains on my watchlist, there’s a potential opportunity tomorrow if we are patient


Kiwi Yen provided an entry for my old script (I have a new version) last night but it sees me staying outside of this set-up sadly, kinda annoying I’ll admit I want to be in a trade that falls like this ahah

I will however be looking for an entry here tomorrow

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