Friday 12th of August

Good morning folks, I hope everyone is well!

Let’s do a quick overlook, since it’s Friday I won’t dive too deep, let’s wait for Monday for that!



Kiwi Yen is on my watchlist for today, we’ve reached an area of interest for a potential reversal – the biggest issue with this trade idea is how obvious it is, we’ve seen price get rejected from this area so many times I expect a lot of traders to be seeing it as well, which in turn makes me wonder if price won’t offer a fake set-up before running our stops

Only time will tell, heck, we’re not even sure a valid entry will present itself to us


Euro Swiss remains on my watchlist, however, even if we see a strong change in the momentum, I believe I’ll have to wait till Monday to get an order in the market


A counter-zone is present slightly above the current price action so I’m keeping my eyes on it

Take care and have a wonderful weekend folks!

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