Thursday 11th of August

It’s also 11:11 am so it feels rather cool right now

Anyway, good morning folks! I hope everyone is well 🙂

Trade Update


Dollar Canadian provided an entry on Tuesday as resumed yesterday, I didn’t do anything aside from executing my trading plan

I have to say, I’m rather happy to see a winning trade after the recent losses, but hey, I’m not here to play a strike rate in a really short term, I’m here to execute on +EV trades no matter what happened previously (as long as I don’t notice something and test it)

Let’s keep executing our trading plan folks



We reached an area of interest yesterday, I’m looking for a potential short, I currently have an order in the market so I’m only sharing the daily chart

Let’s see what happens from here on, there won’t be any initial 4hour entry since I didn’t have a valid trade entry at that point, so I have 2 set-ups that can still be used, the one I call a breaker (why I have an order in the market) and


Euro Swiss is in an interesting area for me, while the 4hour chart is absolutely not interesting to me, looking at the hourly chart makes me interested in it, I’m quite interested in this TL break on the chart, but let’s be honest, drawing a TL is always hard until we haven’t seen a clear break in the market structure


Kiwi Yen is approaching an area that has my interest


Here’s XCU/USD – looks good – but we’ll see what happens once the reach the area of interest, it’s also worth noting that copper traders seem to be better at forecasting the future of the markets than equities, so it’s worth keeping your eyes out on this chart

Take care folks!

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