Wednesday 10th of August

Sorry for missing yesterday’s post, however, this is definitely not my priority so I zapped it in order to take the dog out and grab a coffee with a friend between my run & swim.

It’s a shame since I actually executed a trade (but it didn’t stop me from executing the trade)

Trade Update


Dollar Canadian presented an opportunity for one of my entry styles for a short, we had reached (barely) and then price head lower, which fit the bill for me, we then saw (yesterday) a daily open with the hourly 50EMA above the pivot level, the pivot within (bearly) of the 0.382-0.715 FIB range

So I placed an order – it got triggered later in the day



Swiss Yen is on my watchlist – I’m only sharing a daily chart since the LTF are meaningless until we reach the area – until then I’m waiting on the sidelines.

It does look promising tho


Euro Swiss is also on my watch, I’m interested in how the price is currently moving, I won’t be executing any trades on it today (except cas majeur) but, it’s worth keeping an eye on for the next few days imo!


I’m liking how things are moving!



I’ve also decided to start eyeing up the CAC40 being based in FR I think it’s highly interesting to open my eyes wider

A lot of people are busy trading NASDAQ/ SP500 so I’m thinking, is there a broken slot machine here, that still gets decent volume? I don’t know, but maybe

Let’s see what happens

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