Friday 5th of August

Good morning folks! I hope you are well

I’ll admit, I come with sad news, I hate 2.2pips

Trade Recap


This is the BE trade, at two occasions we saw price reach within 5 pips of my TP – which rather annoyed me, but I decided to stick to my trading plan

I’m happy I did – but at the same time, it hurts I won’t lie

Looking back, I could say I should’ve taken in account the potential trendline (which is where the price bounced) but… It’s not part of my trading plan so doing that would’ve been wrong

If you see any other reason that the trendline / anything I could test, I would be all ears

FX Watchlist


Dollar Canadian is on my watch, but it’s kinda far, I just didn’t want to do this post without including anything on watch


Gold (XAU/USD) is the most likely to provide a set-up, but it needs to occur today for me to be able to execute it according to my trading plan, which drastically reduces the odds of it happening

Enjoy your weekend!

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