Wednesday 27th of July

Good morning folks!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying this weather!

It appears that today is going to be another slow day with nothing on my watch list for trade execution.

It’s been two days running that I wake up in the middle of the night checking if a potential trade is going to take place, two times in a row where it was for naught sadly.

P.S. just realized that the word execution is probably doing wonders for my S.E.O. I should’ve been more careful

P.S.2 NASA I stand with you, please don’t bomb me, I’m talking about trading



We’re seeing a rejection to the descending trendline, will be interesting to see how we end this week


The reason I’ve been waking up at night, sadly, no trades fit my trading plan, even tho I have been nailing the direction of this move


Still waiting to see a potential retest of the lows


Very similar to NZD/USD just inversed

Those are based on my views the closest to being interesting

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