Tuesday 26th of July

Good morning folks!

I hope everyone is well, if you follow New Capital FX on IG you may have seen that we are currently working together to improve / refine my pivot entries, so will keep you guys updated if I change any of my requirements to it

The benefit of working with him is that he uses algos rather than manually trading it, which means backtesting is a lot faster for him once the code is built and we’ll be able to test several variations a lot more easily.

That’s one of the main reasons I’m planning on building more knowledge in developing algos over the next year, the main issue is that I’m struggling to find time to allocate to it


FX Watchlist

(I don’t plan on executing any trades today)









Oil is on watch to see if we get a break of this TL


To bounce or to break? That is the question!

NQ1 (Nasdaq E mini)

To range or break higher or back down or range?

Take care folks!

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