Thursday 21st of July

Good morning folks! I hope everyone is well

Trade Update


Let’s rip the bandaid off straight away and report this loss, honestly, I still believe the trade was great and fits my trading plan to perfection.

It makes me wonder if it would be worth changing the targeting for trades like this where a high was made beforehand and where the pivot entry isn’t at the low if that makes sense.

What do you think? On a logic base, I’d say I only want to trade those that fit the top example, where the entry is the low of a leg, not in the middle of a low to high move

Data is king for sure, but… I guess I have more work cut out for me!



Approaching an old area of supply, let’s see what happens here





That’s it for today, I hope you guys enjoy these short / with little description watchlist, I don’t think words can explain a lot better than a chart, it’s mainly trades where there’s a tinny bit of description, and even then, it’s just a question “did you follow your trading plan” Yes–> great nothing to say!

Take care!

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