Wednesday 20th of July

Good morning folks! I hope everyone is well!

I survived the Trithatlon (5k run, 20k bike, 750m swim) I did yesterday, was a lot of fun! Honestly would recommend giving it a go! Especially with friends, not sure how it would feel in a competition, but with friends it was a great laugh

Trade Update -1R


Pound Kiwi was executed yesterday and has resulted in a loss

The trade execution by itself was a trade I was happy to have executed, while I did admit at the time it wasn’t the cleanest daily, it still fits the bill for an execution, which is exactly what I did.


My order on GBP/CHF was also executed yesterday, I remain in the position, which is running in the red, so hopefully, we’ll see some strong bullish momentum

It’s rarely a good sign when I write hopefully…



We’re creating a new zone



(I’m actually looking for a trade today)





Take care folks!

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