Tuesday 19th of July

Good morning folks!

I’m publishing this one nice and early compared to usual since I’m about to head out to do a triathlon with two friends (well a homemade one that is) –> Turns out, asking me if I’m down to do a challenge is a bad idea — who would’ve guessed!

Anyway, we’ll probably go slow since it’s not even 8am but it’s already 24C…

Trade Update


I have executed a long on GBP/NZD based on pivot + EMA + old zone + strong impulse yesterday

Trades that fit my plan so well is always weird, there’s not much to say!

I did cover the zone with a lot more depth yesterday – and explained I had missed the initial trade entry sadly.


I’ll start with this one, since I’ve got an order in the market, I’m rather interested in seeing how it plays out – while this zone isn’t the nicest looking zone I have ever seen it fits our rule book, so I’d be stupid not to execute on it.

Main con is that we are trading directly into a previous counter zone


Aussie Dollar is currently breaking out of a trendline, if we close above it today and do not reach the area I have highlighted I’ll be looking for potential longs from that area in the future


Euro Aussie remains on my watch, yes, it’s been there for a long time now, I agree 🙂

It’s just a question of waiting to see how price reacts to the area of supply when it is reached if price is inclined to head to that price level any time soon


Euro Yen seems a lot more likely to “try out” an area of demand today, so I’m keeping my eyes on it


If we see another candle close above this area without touching this ugly trendline, then this zone will be valid for future opportunities. Let’s see what happens

Take care folks!

I hope I’ll be back to you in one piece tomorrow!

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