Wednesday 13th of July

Good morning folks!

I guess I should be more realistic since I’m posting this around 11:00, but hey, it’s still morning for me!

Destroyed myself at the gym for 1h26 this AM and my watch thinks I’ve only accomplished 53% of my daily activity goal… Either my watch is screwed up or I need to head back out later on ahah


FX Watchlist

Nothing on watch for today hence why I’m not worried about publishing this as late as it is.

However, I might as well line up the few pairs I’ll be watching tomorrow if they close as I “want” them to close to enable us to have a valid set-up


Pound Canadian has reached the area of interest in my book, however, we still aren’t seeing a valid entry, I’ll want the pivot open to be above the hourly 50EMA before considering taking a long trade from that level. I’m just patiently waiting on the sidelines

If we see a clearly bullish impulse and a bullish close, then we might have something tomorrow!


Is the Pound finds itself losing value today and shows a clear bearish impulse and a bearish close I’ll be interested in playing a potential short on Pound Swiss, the exact same set-up as GBP/CAD but in the bearish form this time.


For Pound Dollar I’m still more bullish than bearish – so once again, I’m waiting for a strong bullish daily move and for the pivot to open above the 50EMA – let’s be patient and see what the next two days give us!

The fact that EUR/USD is basically resting just above parity shows that the market is still undecided. I’ll patiently wait!


Gold remains on my watch for a potential long play, but once again, I want to see a strong bullish move before considering taking a position on this sideways price action! We can also notice that the 1h50 EMA has been a strong resistance, so a break above it may free the price to head higher, let’s wait and see.

Anyway, those are the real things on my watch for this week, only pivot entries since we aren’t anywhere close to “new” zones

Take care!

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