Tuesday 12th of July

Good morning folks!

Is today the day where EUR/USD reaches parity? I’m really having a blast looking at the 1min chart I have to admit!

While I am in no means a macro trader or even a fundamental trader this has me all excited!

I also kinda like seeing a week Euro I’ll have to admit since most of my income is in USD or CAD – the only issue are transferring those into EURO —> transfer wise doesn’t like to exchange Canadian dollars into Euro so if you guys know an easy way to get the best rate possible I’m all ears!

Anyway 🙂

FX Watchlist


Australian Dollar to USD is fast approaching an area of demand I have on my charts where I’ll be keen to look for a potential long towards the end of this week! I’ll only be looking for a pivot entry trade since it’s quite an old zone


Euro Aussie is also on my watchlist, however in this case I’ll be looking for a potential short play here. We’re currently breaking an ascending trendline we nearly retested it yesterday, however, price didn’t quite reach the level I have in mind


Pound Canadian is also approaching/has reached an area of demand dating back to 2013 I believe, it’s quite an interesting zone not only because of its age, but because it is from this zone that we saw price move from 1.54 up to 2.1 over 2013 to 2015.

I’ll be looking for a pivot entry over the next few days


Pound Swiss remains on my watch for a potential short tomorrow, it is also arguable that a potential long set-up will present itself however I am more comfortable executing a short here than a long I have to admit. Drawing a trendline in this zone is quite hard since we hardly had a single pullback so far.


Gold remains on my watchlist for a potential long in the next few days, we’ve seen a lot of sideways price action/ deceleration over the last few days so it’s just a question of patiently waiting.

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