Monday 11th of July

Good morning folks! I hope you are all well!

This weekend was exceptional for me, I decided I needed another reset (yes I know I just came back from holidays but still!). I went hiking & camping all by myself in the woods close b my place. Turned out to be a 20k hike + night in the middle of the forest within my new tent.

Was great! Got to see a few deers, hares, reflect, enjoy the peace and quiet and so much more.

If you need a reset, I highly recommend you do the same! It’s easy and cheap, just take the train one or two stations away from home or get someone to drop you off in the middle of nowhere 🙂

Anyway, you’re not here to learn about what I do outside of trading? (or are you?) Most of the readers are actually friends of mine hence I don’t really mind sharing random tidbits with you!

FX Trade Update


As you might recall I had an order on Pound Swiss Friday for a potential long set-up. We had finally seen some serious momentum away from the area of demand, a clear break above the 50EMA to then witness a pullback to the 50EMA and pivot level, the EMA was within the 20% range (the blue lines) so I was “allowed” to execute the trade as per my trading plan!

FX Watchlist

I have nothing on watch for today however, here’s a few charts I’ll be keeping my eyes on:


Euro Aussie is on my watchlist for a retest of the daily trendline and area of supply.


Euro Yen is on my watchlist for this week, waiting to see if we reach the area of supply


Even tho I executed a long on this pair friday, I’m keeping my eyes out on this one for a potential short play here.


Gold had reached an area of interest for me, this area of demand is interesting, we have a strong area which is always a fun thing.

Take care folks!

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