Wednesday 6th of July

Good morning folks!

I hope everyone is well!

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ll now be uploading my daily watchlist a tad later.

Having started going to the gym a bit over a month ago I noticed my routine wasn’t ideal

I’d be doing some light work after waking up, having breakfast, uploading my watchlist, messing around 20min, going to the gym and wouldn’t have enough time to get any deep work in.

From now on my routine will look like this:
Wake up: Grab a Protein shake, dress for the gym (around 8:00 atm, however, when waking up earlier I’ll do 15min of stretching)

Head to the gym: (around 8:10) Workout for 50min to 1h30

Home: Breakfast / Shower

Deep work for 1h30 min.

I think it makes a lot more sense, I could only get deep work done in the afternoon following my previous routine, which was great when it was only me going for 30min – 1hour runs however, my gym sessions now last longer and take some time to get to the gym, so it screwed the routine up.

Let’s see how things go.

Anyway, you’re probably not here to hear about the difficulties I face with my routine.

FX Watchlist


Aussie Yen is approaching an ascending trendline I’ve had my eyes on since the beginning of 2022, while we are approaching this trendline, we are also approaching an area of demand. I’ll be keen to see if we have a break of the trendline (and then a bounce) to trap short traders out.

If price just tumbles through both of those areas, I’ll still be glad since that would mean we are likely to get a new area of supply.

Whatever happens, we’ll be able to update the chart!

That’s the only pair I truly have on watch, however, we’ve been creating new zones across a few pairs

I’ll do a more in depth post on Monday, or even maybe tomorrow, once I have a tad more time for myself!

Take care folks!

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