Thursday 23rd of June

Good morning folks!

Just a quick reminder that I probably won’t be sharing a watch-list until the Monday 4th of July

I am taking next week off the charts, hopefully, I won’t even open my laptop, well, that is, if there are no trades, otherwise I may find myself active…

Similarly, I’m headed to the hospital extremely early tomorrow which will make me M.I.A.

FX Watchlist


Aussie Kiwi remains on my watchlist for a potential short play, there’s a clear area of supply, however, we are currently rejecting the ascending trendline retest, so I’m unsure if we shall see price reach the area I have


Kiwi Canadian is in quite a similar set-up, we’ve broken a (less obvious) descending trendline and are currently retesting the trendline, I’d be keen to see what price does once it reaches the area of demand tho!

A few charts I’ll keep my eyes on while on holiday (fuck, I wasn’t even planning on checking charts, but let’s be realistic…)





Worth noting that I am currently holding a long position as mentioned previously

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