Monday 20th of June

Good morning folks! I hope all is well!

Let’s dive straight into the watchlist for the next few days!

FX Watchlist


Aussie Kiwi is currently breaking an ascending trendline while retesting the previous zone (that can be seen both a counter zone and as a phase line break, so I expect this area to create some movement. However, if we are able to close today without touching the trendline, we’d also be creating a new area of interest, so let’s see what happens!


Euro Yen is on my watchlist not for a 4hour trade, but more for a potential hourly entry, let’s see what happens


Pound Canadian is currently breaking a trendline, let’s see what happens here


Pound Kiwi is approaching an area of demand, let’s see where it goes


Looking to see what happens in the next couple of hours, I like the retest of trendline + the area of supply, let’s see what happens from here on

Take care folks!

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