Wednesday 15th of June

Good morning folks!

Quite a big day / week recently and a few R closed so let’s dive into the trade updates

Trade Update

AUD/CHF +3R, +5R, +1.5R (9.5R total)

I executed a 4hour trade on Aussie Swiss the 8th of June, this trade was only executed on my personal account since my 5ers account has quite strict margin requirements – it resulted in a 3R trade. Followed my trading plan and I’m happy with it, so I decided to executed it.

A scale in opportunity presented itself quickly after the initial entry, I’ll be the first to admit, I did think it would reach a loss, but it reversed and went to reach my profit target for 5R

There was an additional entry on the 10th, this time, having closed other trades I had enough margin to execute this position on both my personal account and investor account. This trade entry was based on an impulsive move lower, retest of the 50EMA and pivot. This resulted with a 1.5R

This last trade was closed on the 13th when the other two closed yesterday, I just wanted to do an entire recap in one go.


Euro Kiwi also offered a trade yesterday, I’ll admit I’m rather happy I executed the trade when I did, had I connected a few minutes later I would’ve missed it.

It’s a clear impulsive move higher and slow move back to the 50EMA and pivot level

That’s a total of 10.8R closed within a few days, felt great! But at the same time, it feels entirely normal? I expected these trades to be +EV – that’s why I executed them – but we can never complain when a trade turns out to be a winner 🙂

FX Watchlist


Clear area of the area of demand, let’s see how it looks like over the next few days


We haven’t yet reached the area of interest but keeping my eyes on it!


Dollar Swiss has reached the area of supply so let’s see what happens over the next few days


Keeping this one very clear, let’s see what happens from here on.

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