Monday 13th of June

Good morning folks! I hope you’re all well and had a fantastic weekend!

Got the opportunity to go scuba diving and get a lot of exercises done, so rather happy about it!


Trade Update


My scale in position on Pound Canadian on Friday did get executed according to my plan, however, it sadly never had the time to reach my profit target, instead, it basically went straight to my stop loss. It happens. Not something I’m really excited about but, nothing I can do to change it.

I remain in the original position, it’s in quite a serious drawdown, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it turn into a loss today, that being said, there’s no reason to close a trade now, I know one trade that reverses out of 7 will make holding this +EV, so I might as well keep holding the position

FX Watchlist


Euro Kiwi reached the area of interest it recently created, so I’m keeping my eyes on it, hoping we’ll see a push lower to grab liquidity below the previous low – let’s be patient and wait.


Euro Dollar is on my watchlist, there’s quite an interesting area of supply below the current price level, I’m expecting the price to drop to this level before either going lower or reversing, let’s see what happens!


Pound Swiss is on my watch for a potential hourly position, there’s quite an interesting area for a 1hour position, I won’t be sharing the exact order details, so here’s a 4hour chart


Kiwi DOllar is on my watch for a potential reversal, I look forward to seeing this potential long play out for a position. While there’s no higher-timeframe support, I’m happy with that lack anyway, it happens.

Take care folks!

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