Thursday 9th of June

Good morning folks!

Let’s dive straigth into it

FX Trade Update


Aussie Canadian was a rough trade, it reached my profit target, well 1 pip away before retracing all the way back to 2R and then dropped to my TP again, that was rough to see.

However, it did bank, so I am happy with that let’s not start complaining when we collect some profits 🙂

No scale-in were available to me on this trade, the only one that could’ve been a potential was during the rate announcement and would’ve resulted in a full loss, so happy I stayed on the sidelines for this one

FX Watchlist


Canadian Siss remains within an area of supply, however, we’ve spent a little too long going sideways for my personal liking, let’s see what happens, but I remain iffy on its direction





An image is worth a thousand words they say, no?

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