Friday 3rd of June

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well!

I executed two trades this am, so let’s break them down together

FX Trade Update


We have a clear area of demand (a counterzone) with a nice weekly stack – the main issue here was that we saw a lot of sideways price action before this entry, the range is quite interesting, but let’s see what happens. No hourly scale ins were available

Looks like the screenshot quality is really low so here’s the link


Pound Aussie also offered an entry- the daily has quite a clear zone, I’m happy with it, the daily is forming a triple bottom that’s the only issue I have with this trade, the 4hour chart does look rather good!

FX Watchlist


Clear area of supply, let’s see how it goes!


Clear area, however, it won’t be the most recent zone so I won’t search for a script entry on a reversal


Clear area of supply, broke the trendline – let’s see how it goes!


Remains on my watch


Clear area of reversal let’s see how it goes!


Clear double bottom formation on the four hour


Clear area of a potential reversal

Take care folks!

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