Wednesday 1st of June

Good morning folks! I hope you are well and ready for an excellent month!

The month of May resulted with a 1.4R return – which isn’t the highest, however, I’m happy with that return since it remains positive.

I’m planning on doing my monthly ASR this weekend so I still need to check I executed perfectly, but I believe I did while taking in account that I changed my trading style over the month, which made me “ignore” a big winner on USD/CHF, however, based on my data, the average return on those set-ups is a lot lower than on the ones I intend to focus upon.

Anyway, let’s get ready for a good month!

FX Watchlist


I mean, it’s been on watch for a long time now


This set-up nearly gave us a valid entry at the daily close, so I had my alarm set for midnight to execute the trade once the spread calmed down, however, it never took place. Still happy I got up to check, had I not it’s likely to have been a valid trade that would’ve worked out in my favor.


Euro Yen has been rather strong over the last few days, however, we are reaching an area of interest, I am more than interested in seeing how this plays out.




Also a new one (fits nicely with the EUR/JPY bias as well)


All in all, we have a few pairs on watch! Let’s see what happens!

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