Tuesday 31st of May

Good morning folks! I hope you’re all well and well-rested!


I guess time has come for the watchlist (I didn’t execute the CAD/CHF I mentioned in yesterday’s post, it didn’t offer a valid entry according to my plan.

FX Watchlist


Aussie Canadian remains on my watchlist, yep, it’s been going sideways for quite a while now but we still haven’t reached the area that interests me, so I’m patiently waiting (even tho I have to admit, I hate waiting). Patience is a virtue eh


Aussie Kiwi did however reach the area of demand, now it’s only a question of waiting to see if an entry presents itself or not. Let’s not rush it, we’ve got time!


Canadian Swiss remains on my watchlist for a potential long today, once again my hourly chart would be too obvious in terms of entry placement so I’m only sharing the 4hour chart, but if you do some work you’ll know exactly what I’m looking for.


Pound Aussie is on my watch for a potential long play, while I doubt we’ll get an entry today, I wanted to mention it since it’s something we haven’t talked about yet, the main issue is that we’re headed towards a double bottom that already “served” as an area of demand, so what’s the likelihood of the demand being weaker now? I actually don’t have that stat. I have to admit it


Gold is also just moving sideways, so let’s be patient!

Oh and if you’re looking for more content to read, Jesse Stine (the author of Superstocks) sent out a long word doc that I haven’t yet had the time to read:


Take care!

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