Thursday 12th of May

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well 🙂

Trade Update


I mentioned this week that I closed the original position on AUD/NZD since my recent testing showed a negative EV on this set-up and the fact that the daily wasn’t 100% valid.

The 1h 20 was however, +EV to hold which is what I did, however, on TRADINGVIEW I ended up getting out of this position for BE

It reached my trigger to move my stop loss to BE, so I did exactly that, which is fine, and then pulled back to my entry point.

No issue with it!

That being said, the truth isn’t as easy, the data provided by OANDA on Tradingview is different than the data I have in my personal account with IC markets AND with my prop accounts on the5ers

Here’s a screenshot of the data on my 5ers account (similar to IC market)

So I’m saying it was a BE trade, however, it’s currently running in some small profits, I had it sized at 0.5R anyway due to the error, but hopefully, we’ll see price reach it’s original TP.

Rather confusing I’ll admit it 🙂

Let’s dive straight into the watchlist

FX Watchlist


Aussie Canadian is on my watchlist for a potential short – we’ve reached a clear area of reversal. That being said, once again, in my recent testing I’ve noticed these trades have a lower expected value which is rather interesting, I haven’t yet finished collecting all the trades I want to do really 100% trust it.

That being said that difference is on 130 trades to 60 trades using the filter, so I do believe it, but waiting for me to write up a synthesis on this test before adjusting my trading too dramatically.


Euro Pound is interesting, we’re approaching an area of great interest -same analysis tho.


Dollar Swiss is reaching an area that dates back to 2019 – let’s patiently wait to see what happens, I definitely dislike this current price action


Gold is on my watchlist, however, I dislike double bottoms so let’s see what happens 🙂

On that note, take care folks!

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