Monday 9th of May

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well and had an enjoyable weekend!

I’m still doing some rather heavy backtesting at the moment, and I came through with an interesting filter – here’s a few numbers without the filter

And with the new filter

Which I think is rather fascinating

Obviously, I’m collecting more data, I want to ensure it’s not just fluke

Anyway, time for the watchlist, what you’re really here for

FX Watchlist


Euro Yen is an interesting set-up as mentioned for the entire previous week, I’m waiting to see the price head higher, reach the area of supply and then drop.

Will be interesting to see what happens for sure


Pound Dollar is interesting as well. We’ve seen some price action inside the zone, it’ll be interesting to see how things develop. I’m not sure I 100% love it due to the current price structure but…


Dollar Swiis is also approaching an area of interest, we’ve seen so much bullish pressure I wouldn’t be surprised to see some reaction from that area

Take care folks!

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