Thursday 5th of May

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well!

Markets are finally starting to move with FOMC, kinda happy to see the results in equity, while it’s nice to have an opportunity to invest in the market at a discount, it’s also quite scary I have to admit.

I personally keep my funds in my FX trading (well I split my funds – I keep half in a savings account and just use higher leverage to reduce my exposure to a broker issue) and not into the stock market any longer, I’ve come to realize that successful people focus on 1 business to build their success and only then start to diversify.

Less is more

Thinking of that quote a lot recently

Both in terms of actions aside from my main focus and in terms of results.


FX Watchlist


I finished backtesting Aussie Canadian yesterday with the new set-up and I came to realize that I’d have executed the long in that backtest, I don’t regret it because it definitely was borderline, but in my backtest, where I am a bit less exigent I’d have executed it, and it turns out that it’s running good for now.

We are however, creating a new area of demand, hence why AUD/CAD is back into my watchlist, I am not looking for a short


Aussie Yen is looking good to me, looking forward to seeing the price head a tiny bit higher to reach my area of supply, the weekly stack is extremely clear, daily as well, so all in all, I’m rather happy / excited about it


Euro Yen is still on my watchlist, it appears Aussie Yen is closer to the area of supply, but I’ll wait until a clear set-up is provided before executing anything.


Pound Dollar remains on my watchlist for a potential long, we just need to break the recent low. Let’s patiently wait.


Dollar Singapore will be on my watch next week, we’re currently breaking a trendline/phase lune, while it isn’t the cleanest, or clearest, it remains potential

That’s it for today!

If you want to message me, feel free to join this empty discord and send any questions my way!

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