Wednesday 4th of May

Good morning folks!

I hope everyone is well!

Trying to figure out the next steps for me, I’m starting yet another backtest project now that I have collected over 1,000 trades in my previous test.

It was highly insightful, yet the results for my current strategies remain better off when I manually create the zones so I’ll stick to that.

Hence for my new backtest I am now back at manually drawing zones, while also adding the breaker and another version of a similar set-up, I’m using a slightly different filter to make them a tad cleaner and we’ll see how the results look like

Before I start doing a backtest project I personally enjoy writing out what I am going to be testing and I highly recommend you do the same

With that said, let’s start looking at my watchlist

(Nothing much changed, low volatility this week)

FX Watchlist


Euro Yen remains on my watchlist, it’s been going sideways for quite a few days now so expecting a clear move soon, that being said, I wouldn’t be overly surprised if we saw price move higher, into the area of supply to fake out shorts and attract longs before reversing.

Then again, price is a complex system, maybe I’m reading too much into it


Cable is also on my watch, it dates back to quite an old zone, june / july 2020, however, it was clear back then and it also has a valid weekly, monthly and quarterly stack, which has you can imagine is something I find rather sexy.

Move away IG girls, I’ve found my new crush.


Kiwi Swiss is a basic counter zone play, it has a clear weekly stack as well – not much else to add


Gold remains on my watch for a potential long, similarly to NZD/CHF this is a clear counter-zone with a weekly stack.

Two-way communication

I decided as writing this post that it would be fun to have a two-way communication

So I created a discord you can join and message me from

I’m guessing not many people will join, heck most people don’t even finish reading these anyway, but since I’m doing it for myself and not for numbers, who cares, if I can help just one person I’ll be happy

Take care folks!

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