Monday 18th of April

Good morning & Happy Easter folks!

While I don’t have many pairs on watch today using my regular method I have been working hard to develop & improve an indicator to highlight areas of interest to me.

If I’m able to make my trading even more mechanical, I will. It’s that straight forward 🙂

Here is an example of how it looks so far!

I’m currently testing 4 methods of entry based on these zones, they’re all profitable but I only have 120 total trades so it’s going to a tad slower than ideal, however, it’s all good.

It’s the best way to get a few ideas for a few tweaks.

While it appears to be providing lesser returns than my current strategies, I’d be keen to see how it works out in the long run and if there’s an option to improve those returns with a few filters easy to implement.

Here is how it currently looks

As you can probably notice the script & 4h 20 have extremely low average returns, however by adding just one filter I’m able to nearly double the average return.

This is why I want more data.

Ideally, I’d want over 200 trades of each before looking for filters so these don’t mean much yet. It is however interesting to notice how low the return for my script is over the period & trades I took.

I’ll admit, I’m quite surprised.


FX Watchlist


Not liking it much, but since it’s inside a zone I’d feel bad not to mention it


If we get a double top today or tmr I’ll execute it, otherwise I’m out.


Waiting for price to reach the red line, hopefully in a more direct manner than the recent P.A. but since we remain on a bank holiday…


Looking for a short opportunity

2 Replies to “Monday 18th of April”

  1. Nice stats, looks like the indicator will work well. I’m also an SD trader, usually 4h and 1h so always like to see advances made in defining zones.

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    1. Yep, even tho the returns are slightly lower than when I manually place them, I think a few tweaks will make it closer to what I’m obtaining manually while also potentially increasing the amount of set-ups (which is good for compounding)

      Thanks for leaving a comment Jesse! If you have any suggestion about the indicator or this blog let me know 🙂


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