Thursday 14th of April +7R

Before we begin, I just wanted to share 2 things:

One conversation about emotions / feelings

One short podcast from building the elite: Trying is lying

I think both are worth your time.

Trade Update


As mentioned yesterday my scale in trade reached its stop loss, the orginal trade entry did the same overnight sadly.


That being said, we saw both positions on GBP/NZD reach their profit targets for +3R and +5R. Which I’ll admit, was nice to see after boking a few losses in a row.

I’ll have to admit, seeing the price reverse being only 0.5R from my TP was rough, I had more or less put this trade in my “Break-even” bin, so I’m glad to see it reversed and reached my TP

FX Watchlist


While an entry more or less presented itself here, the weekly stack I was looking for requires a move higher


Aussie Kiwi is interesting however we’re already moving in our favour, the only thing that will keep it on my watch is if we have a clear double top today or tomorrow


Pound Aussie is on my watchlist, waiting for the price to reach this area of demand (and the red line representing the weekly stack) let’s see what happens!


Getting closer and closer to the area of supply

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