Friday 8th of April

Good morning folks

I hope you’re well!

If hearing the word pips, or average R, makes you weak in the knees you’ve come to the right place!

Oh wait, nothing changed since yesterday I am still in the same three positions. Yet, they’re running a profit overall (EUR/USD is closed to my stop loss sadly, let’s see what happens).

I’m currently doing another backtesting session with different parameters than what I usually employ

I’ve created a script to highlight zones of interest to me and I’m testing my current entry strategy on it, to see if I can make it even more mechanical & while adding 3 new strategies which are drastically slowing me down, but one thing is important to note:

While backtesting you want to collect as much data as possible.

BUT, the most important is the quality of your data and keeping it as real as possible, so do not rush it. Take your time, make sure the data you collect is meaningful

Max S 😉

I still have a lot of work to do, this only represents AUD/CAD from 2017 to 2021:

Something I’ve come to realize is that I know Aussie Canadian by heart, I’ve done so many tests on it, similar to Aussie Swiss, so my backtesting order will be to backtest pairs with different currencies to start off with rather than doing it in alphabetical order.

I have to mix things up to keep them fun and challenging!

FX Watchlist


Euro Pound came back to my zone of demand, I had “disqualified” it since we spent so much time going sideways, however, the recent price action got my interest. The fact that we broke the equal lows and then broke that low has my interest, not many people will e looking at it for a potential long


Euro Yen remains on my watchlist even tho it hasn’t really done much expect done sideways for quite a while, I’d definitely appreciate some bearish price action before switching my bias.


Pound Canadian is now in a bullish trend on the 4hour, we’ve broken the 4h50 and 4h20 while currently retesting those levels.

Hopefully, it runs higher and doesn’t present an entry since I’d selfishly like to see my GBP/NZD position reach TP


Pound Dollar is in a different situation, we are currently sweeping the equal lows and entering an area of demand, let’s see if we can get a push lower before a reversal since the current price action has spent too much time in a sideways manner for me to be interested in it.

Have a good weekend folks!

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