Thursday 7th of April

Good morning folks, I hope you are well!

Let’s dive straight into it?

Trade Update


Euro Dollar provided me with an entry yesterday, no scale in opportunity has presented itself as of yet.


I believe I mentioned these trades yesterday, I am now just looking for a second scale in opportunity since we have broken out of the descending wedge pattern.

FX Watchlist


I’d prefer to see a real move lower to confirm this potential zone, at the moment it’s purely sideways which doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in the area of supply I have drawn


Pound Canadian as a zone dating back to 2019 in this area, I’ll be interested to see if it is respected or not. We are currently breaking out of the descending trendline tho – so I won’t be too disappointed if we see the pound catch a strong bid and head higher


Pound Dollar has formed two equal lows slightly above an area of demand so I’m expecting those two lows to be swept, see price enter the area of demand before having a clear reversal? If the price heads higher I’ll be happy anyway since it’ll benefit my GBP/NZD

That’s more or less it!

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