Wednesday 6th of April

Writing this makes me realize I need to get birthday presents for my parents next week… Long live amazon prime!

Anyway, I hope you’re not reading this blog for present ideas, if you are, I’m definitely going to disappoint you sadly.

One done, now one more to go, any ideas of gifts I can get my mum? 😀

FX Trade Update

(If you answered, a winning trade, I hope I can provide that to her)


I executed a long yesterday and a scale in overnight, well, turns out it was executed this am and I didn’t need to have 3 alarm clocks… Oh well… Would’ve been worse to see it go without me.

Here’s the link btw if you want better quality:

On the daily chart we saw a clear area of demand, it had been previously respected and yet it created a second imbalance at the same level, which got my attention.

Now a friend of mine recently explained to me how he looks to confirm a trend change, which, I’ll be honest isn’t something I thought was necessary, yet he mentioned that it did drastically improve his returns. So I’m going to dig into it. That being said, this trade doesn’t fit his criteria. So a part of me hopes he’s wrong 🙂

The scale in was executed above the 20BB on the hourly chart, nothing overly complicated, the main issue with this position is that we didn’t see any break of market structure before hand, and I’ll admit, I’m starting to enjoy looking at market structure

Anyway, that’s it for trade updates

FX Watchlist


It’s definitely spent a fair amount of time going sideways, yet it remains very pretty so I would be guilty if I didn’t share this chart


The same applies to Euro Pound Sadly





That’s more or less it for my watchlist!

Take care folks!

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