Tuesday 5th of March

Good morning folks!

Sorry I didn’t notice the time go by, I’ve been working on improving an indicator I sometimes use for the last two hours and half.

My coffee is cold now and I’m still not finished!

It’s starting to look better, a little more useable let’s put it that way

It was a mess before I started I’ll admit!

Anyway, you’re not here for my ridiculous coding skill (I even laugh when I write skill after my and coding I’ll admit)

FX Trade Update


Sadly, it reached my stop loss. I did expect that to happen once my scale in failed but in my backtest I’m better off holding on to the trade, the expected return remains slightly positive.

FX Watchlist










Sorry guys, left the indicator to give it a look across a few pairs, looks like it doesn’t work on CHF which is annoying… Oh well…

Let’s see what happens

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