Thursday 31st of March

Good morning folks, I hope everyone is well!

Sorry if this comes out a bit later than usual, I went to search for a coffee shop where I could work from.

Obviously, they weren’t open / ready to have me when I got there which meant I might as well head back home to work sadly. I really, and I mean really wanted a flat white for breakfast… Ugh… Anyway

Trade Update


I executed a long on Pound Aussie.

The zone dates back to Jan. 2021 as a proper trend line break zone. The weekly stack goes back to 2019, but we can clearly see that this area has seen a lot of reversals over the past few years.

In terms of entry on the four hour, you may notice the amount of time where the price went sideways – very true, it remained on my watch because of the impulse higher, I wanted to see if we’d get a clean double bottom, turns out what we got was an impulse reversal, a V entry as I label them. Fits my plan so I executed it.

No scale ins so far, let’s see if we can get one today

FX Watchlist


Let’s see if we can get a push to the zone below the current price action. I’ve already taken a trade in the “current” zone so I’m not interested in taking another one, however there’s a zone slightly lower, so let’s see if we reach it


Just a smaller push lower and I’ll be keen on this one

That’s it for today!

Oh and I’ve been picking meditation back up after reading “Painless Poker” by Tommy Angelo,

I truly think there are loads of similarities between poker and trading (and better content on poker than retail trading) so I’m always open to learn more about it!

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