Wednesday 30th of March

Good morning folks! Hope everyone is well!

Sorry, got lost into creating indicators on tradingview and looking at their beauty so didn’t notice the time go by. Ooops

Trade Update


Sadly I come to you, in these sad days, with the news, that my Pound Kiwi position has reached its stop loss for a -1R trade

I wouldn’t change my execution, it fits my trading plan. just always a shame to hold a trade for 5 days underwater, then have a clear push higher to give you “hope” and then a reversal.

I guess that’s what we should expect when we talk about hope anyway.

FX Watchlist




I’m not posting a chart of Yen pairs but they remain on my watch, they just all look the same and I believe they are more likely to be interesting tomorrow than today.

Take care folks!

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