Monday 28th of March

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well and had a fun weekend!

Just moved to a new Airbnb, I remain in Marseille for the week, and then I’ll hit the road!

Let us dive straight into my watchlist?

P.S.A.: Europe changed times, so I guess that means (if you’re European) the four-hour close is taking place one hour later!

Daily Watchlist


(I just started writing good morning folks, I clearly need some coffee before writing this) — Now that I’ve got coffee let’s give this another shot.

We’ve recently reached an area of supply, yep, it dates back to 2015, but it has a valid daily and weekly stack hence my interest for a potential trade here!


Aussie Dollar reached an area of supply, this time a lot more recent than 2015, which makes me trust it a lot more as you can probably imagine!

While we do have a valid weekly stack I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a big fan of the current 4hour price action, seeing so much sideways action isn’t my cup of tea. Ideally, we’d see either a clear push higher before a reversal or a clear double top formation


Pound Aussie has reached the area of demand I’ve been keeping an eye on for a potential reversal.

Let’s see if we get a clear entry, but if we do, I’ll be quite happy since that would probably mean that GBP/NZD (a trade I am in) is going to turn bullish as well!

Gold (XAU/USD)

Gold remains on my watchlist since I guess it’s the thing we’re all after it, the only difference is that I want to short it 😀

I’m starting to think COVID / War / Inflation is priced in so we could see a reversal

Lets see what happens!

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