Thursday 17th of March

Good morning folks! I hope you’re well!

Another day where I had issue with my orders, well not issues, I just didn’t get triggered even tho price reach my entry. The spread kept me out of the position, and being brain dead, I didn’t bother checking on my brokers once I saw my alert trigger (in my defense I was in a coffee shop so on public wifi so I tend to want to avoid logging into my brokers there)

Trade Update

EUR/CHF +3R missed trade

The previous trade was 1 or 2 pips to tag me in (I didn’t take the live entry since I was in the middle of nowhere on my hike at the time) has reached TP.

I’m glad to see trades working out, but kinda pissed I’m not in it. Only myself to blame. I could’ve executed it even while on my hike, but I missed it due to rushing.

AUD/NZD New Trade

I mentioned yesterday I missed the original entry which happened overnight and had set an order, I am now in the position


Sadly Kiwi Yen just didn’t want to co-operate with us, I’ll admit I’m not overly surprised, it was a rather weird area of supply

FX Watchlist


We’ve reached the area of supply, let’s see what happens here. Keeping in mind that I am bullish both on AN and AUD/CAD so I’m cautious here


While I sadly didn’t get triggered in this position (spread didn’t get me in when I thought I was) I’ll be keeping an eye out for this one for a potential short from the area of supply on the daily. There’s a great weekly stack.


Oh boy, this set-up – it has no higher timeframe stack but it’s so tempting ahah


Approaching the area of supply with a weekly stack. Let’s be patient.


Clear area, only issue is all the sideways price action we’ve seen recently

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