Tuesday 15th of March

Good morning folks, I hope everyone is well today! I’m currently writing this blog post in a train station waiting to go to Marseille. Strangely, I’m not walking there.

That being said, if it weren’t for my blisters I might have, it was a lot of fun, a real adventure, the only downside of changing location every single day was the logistics, it was rather annoying I’ll be the first to admit – I like to be spontaneous, the planning things is less my cup of tea.

Anyway, it definitely feels good to have let my feet rest, they needed it, and Marseille is going to be an adventure too, but also, mainly, a good place to put my head down back into work mode!

Trade Update


You may remember me taking 2 position on NZD/CHF yesterday, sadly my scale in reached my stop loss which is something that happens.

People seem to forget that to make money, I have to risk it. If I couldn’t lose money, I wouldn’t be able to make any!


I executed a long on Pound Dollar, we saw a lot of bearish movement since the beginning of the war, and we reached an area of demand, I’m wondering / expecting a potential bounce from this area. Let’s see if we can get a confirmation of a trend change, or at least a major pullback, that would be ideal as you can imagine.

No scale in opportunities were presented to me so I’m still waiting for a potential four hour scale in, but I’d also be happy if it just went straight to my TP

FX Watchlist


Aussie Kiwi is on my watch for a potential long opportunity, we have a clear area, which I’ll be the first to say isn’t the cleanest since we saw so much sideways price action in that area in the past, however, it does fit my rules, hence I’m looking for a potential long.

The added fact that we have a perfect double top on the daily also makes me really want to go long – I just have to admit it, I would be surprised if we didn’t grab the liquidity above it before doing a true reversal.


Swiss Yen is back on my watchlist, we have a potential area of supply slightly above the current price action

As I write these words I’ve come to realize there’s no valid higher timeframe stack so sadly I’ll stay away from this pair as per my plan


We do have a higher timeframe stack on this pair, so I’m keeping an eye out on it, we have a clear area of supply on the daily and the weekly. Let’s see if we get a reversal from this area, we need the price to push slightly higher to be interested in a short – let’s be patient!

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