Monday 14th of March

Good morning folks! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

I’ve finished my hike, I ended the week with 100k-110k with my 15kg backpack for a total distance walked of 116km in a week.

Quite happy with those numbers I’ll admit, my previous record for a week was 115k but that wasn’t with a pack or on such a complicated terrain 🙂

It was a fabulous experience that I recommend everyone to get after!

The silence, the peace, the conversations (with myself), the views, the pain, the will to stop and will to finish this journey all made it incredible.

I’ll probably write a blog post about it once I’m settled in somewhere.

I literally just booked an airbnb for tomorrow, so as you can see, I left it rather last minute which made it complicated!

Anyway, you’re not here only to listen about my crazy adventures & know where I’m sleeping. Well, I definitely hope you’re not here for the second part, the adventures sure they’re fun, but the later is just creepy.

I took trades on friday!

Trade Update


Kiwi Yen provided yes with not only 1 entry but 2

The first entry is (obviously) a 4h original entry, I personally categorize this one as a “V” since we had some moentum to the upside before the reversal. I like these set-ups, hence why you mainly see me take these since I’ve disqualified a lot of others 😀

While the daily zone isn’t the prettiest it is a valid area of interest for me, it’s the best value area that led to a break in the trendline. The weekly stack made me a lot more comfortable, I’ll be the first to admit that!

Once I had placed my original entry, I dropped to the 1hour to have a look at what was happening on that timeframe.

We had a great entry order opportunity so I placed an order and got executed within the hour, it broke the 20MA without reaching the opposite side of the BB band, which turned out to be a valid 1hour scale in for me. So I executed it.

Now all that’s left for us to do is wait and see if NZD/JPY starts moving towards our profit target. I’ll admit, it willfeel good to bank some more profits. This little hike ended up being quite expensive 😀

FX Watchlist

Let’s drop a few pairs to make it easier to have something to reference for the rest of the week


We’re approaching an area of supply, we’ve formed a double top so wouldn’t be surprised to see the price break that level to trap a few traders


While we’ve reached the area of interest on AUD/JPY – I do like areas where we have a clear double top so I’m keeping it on my watchlist until we have a clear movement away from this zone.


I guess it’s still worth mentioning this pair. It’s not the prettiest zone since we haven’t really had a daily close away from the TL and the TL itself isn’t super sexy but why the hell not


Not much to add here I guess, we’ve reached the area of interest but we’ve seen too much price action and a move form the lows for me to be interested in taking a trade right now


While I’m not really interested in this zone, the zone below it has my attention hence why I’m sharing it with you.


Worth keeping an eye on this one for the close, it may become a valid entry.

While I’m not the biggest fan of it since we’ve seen 3 sideways candles before the current script- it’s worth noting tht we are monday morning so that’s not something I have an issue with


Quite a decent chunk of interest here. Let’s see what happens eh

Take care folks, I hope you enjoyed todays ost and that it made up for all the short ones I published while on my hike

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