Wednesday 23rd of February

Good morning folks, I hope you are all well! Still bloody positive to COVID, I really want to go on a run but… Ugh… One more day hopefully

Anyway, let’s dive straight into the important stuff?!

Trade Update


I executed a long on this pair after having witnessed a clear break and retest of a trendline that was within the daily area of supply which had a clear stack. We saw 2candles of deceleration before an impulse higher on the 4hour chart, something I personally like.

No scale in have been placed at the moment.

At the time of this writting I remain in GBP/CHF but we are extremely close to my stop loss at B/E

FX Watchlist

I’ve got quite a big watchlist, some that may happen a lot sooner than others, you can see those in bold










Was listening to Chat with Traders latest episode yesterday (with Lance Bretstien ) I highlighy recommend it

One of the key parts for me was this simple sentence

What’s the easiest change you could’ve made today that would’ve had the biggest impact?

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